Mud Flap /w Red LED for GL1800

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Mud Flap /w Red LED for GL1800
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Mud flap made of sturdy rubber comes with a rectangle red LED reflector light encased in a chrome housing and the hardware to mount. Fits GL1800. 

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Jacksonville, FL
Not made for Gen 2

I purchased this item for my 2012 GL1800. I mounted to my Rivco hitch frame using the two holes already drilled in the rear of the hitch. I had to modify the holes in the bracket included with the Mud Flap to fit. The finished install looked great. The LED light is plenty bright. However, it didn’t last long. An hour into my maiden ride on I95, I hear noise and felt something strange and pulled over to inspect. The flap was sucked into the rear tire when I passed an 18 wheeler and was completely destroy. Perhaps the mounting location had it too close to the tire. I may try it again. I hope they will make one for the Gen 2 as it has gained popularity since the release of the 2018.

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Colbert, WA
Great Rear Flap

I am a great believer in having lights on the back of the cycle. Had a similar one like this on a 1996 1800 SE. This one I installed on a 2005 1800. The light is a running light only (no stop). There are two simple wires, one ground and one live. The plate came attached to the rubber part and I put a tie clip on one of the bolts that connect the metal to the rubber and ran the lines through it. The metal bolt slots are elongated so they allow you to fit (by sliding back and forth) to the cycle cover bolts, so no drilling. Not much to it except finding a live wire on the cycle and a good ground.

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Danville, CA
unflappable choice

This was an easy install. Had to drill new holes and paint the aluminum bracket black, but it did come with the necessary nuts & bolts to finish the install. Real easy to run the wires up to the rear center run light (separate job converting the factory center brake only light into a run/brake) and splice in.
this looks VERY good.

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Big Wen
Franklinton, LA
LED mud flap

Nice but mounting bracket not for GL 1800 2nd Gen without some modification.Holes don't match up .Had to relocate mounting bracket holes. Also no mounting bracket bolts an nuts came with kit just bolts an nuts for attaching flap to bracket.

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Kokomo , IN
Great Flap

All these flaps are the same if they are the 10x7... They just come with model specific mounting hardware so if you don't need that, I.e. mounting it on a trailer hitch, etc then you can use any of them. I got this for my 1500 since it was on sale. BIG KUDOS FOR WINGSTUFF- they sent it overnight after a small delay for another item at no charge...

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