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Filter Wrench
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The oil filter wrench makes it easier to remove the filter for the do-it-yourself person. 

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San Antonio, TX
It does the job

This is an anodized aluminum tool. Mine was stamped as made in Taiwan. I tried using this wrench on the Fram oil filter and it did not fit. The wrench was too small. I do not know if the wrench fits on the Honda filter. The Fram filter has a black coating, like undercoat, on the end of the filter and I'm sure that is why it does not fit. Instead of returning the wrench, I ground the inside of the wrench just enough to fit on the Fram filter and it works fine. I think it would help in the product description to state which line of oil filter(s) this tool was designed to fit. At this point, I can only assume it fits the filters that do not have a coating on the end of the filter. The wrench was priced well and was worth buying and grinding for my application.

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