LED Stealth Light II Accents for GL1800


LED Stealth Light II Accents for GL1800
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These streamlined L.E.D. lighted accents are a real eye catcher and add both running lights as well as accent blinkers. A great design just got better. Streamlined LED lighted accents are a real eye catcher and add both running lights as well as accent blinkers. Best of all they install in minutes and plug and play into your existing turn signal connectors.

NOTE: 2006-2010 GL1800 Require Plug & Play Adapter (KU7300) sold separately and shown as Related Product

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Kathleen, GA
Poor Quality Product from Kuryakyn

I bought these lights a couple of years ago, last year I noticed the left side was not working, checked the wiring and power was present at the light fixture, turns out the turn signal portion functions but not the running light. Very disappointed I'm only getting 3/4 of what I paid for. Again Kuryakyn products and their poor quality strike again. I will not buy any products from Kuryakyn in the future. This is not my first sub-standard product from Kuryakyn, saddle bag and trunk LED 's have failed, chrome peeling on armrests and the list goes on. I truly wish the results were different I like their designs.

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Accessory adaptor

They reccomend buying the accessory adaptor to the honda Goldwing harness. Beware, as opposed to their statement they come two to a bag, not one at a time. I ordered two and got 4 adaptors.

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Mesquite, TX
Like the look.

Have these on my 08. Adds to the look of the bike and like the extra turn signal advantage. They are somewhat hard to notice in the daylight that's why 4 stars instead of five.

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Brazoria, TX
LED Stealth Lights

The lights add to your visibility and look good at night. Not too difficult to install. Installed both lights in about an hour. I used a metal coat hanger to feed the wire through the faring. Like most posts I would have liked for the lights to be a little brighter. They look great at night but you can hardly see them in daylight. Do not forget to order the adapters with the lights for the 2006 to 2010 models. I did forget and had to wait until I received them before I could install the lights. I am giving the lights four stars instead of five because of the brightness. Still like the way they look on the bike.

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Kathleen, GA
Easy Peasy

Easy install looks great! No problems what so ever to install, like others the Amber doesn't match the bike but who gives a $&!t they light up the side for safety! Get ya some!

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  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2010