Trunk Relocation Kit for GL1100/1200

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Trunk Relocation Kit for GL1100/1200
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The chrome kit relocates the trunk by moving it back to give the passenger more room behind the driver. The bracket allows for 3 different positions for moving the trunk from 1 inch to 2 13/16 inches. Fits the GL1100 and GL1200 except for the 82 model. Single.

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Dell Rapids, SD
Trunk Relocation

So i purchased this when i purchased a new Road-Sofa Seat for my 86 GL1200a

I wish i would have purchased this when i bought the bike and often ask myself.. Why didnt honda incorp something like this in the bike. to my knowledge even the new bikes the trunk is not adjustable.

So why do i love this... Move the backrest back far enough that now we have to be fully bundled up before things start getting cramped. a short ride for us is a couple hundred miles which we do weekly if not several times a week..

So if your feeling a little cramped in the front seat buy this and you wont regret it one bit... Super Easy to install and all the hardware is correct and not cheap bolts or spacers like some products. this one they got it right...

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perfect fit

This was mounted on an 87 GL1200 Aspencade
Total job only took 20 minutes including emptying all the junk in the trunk .
AS with most bent tube assemblies , a bit of hand tweaking was required to line up a few holes-no big deal. I did not even have to unhook the wires ; just remove 4 bolts , roll the trunk onto the seat , install the rack , and bolt the trunk back with original bolts .
best thing is that you'd have to look really hard to even see it .
This moved the trunk/backrest back 2". Just enough to keep my passengers belt buckle out of my back .
From the instructions, the 1100 requires a bit more work: complete removal of the trunk and drilling 4 new holes

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