Lowboy Driver Floorboards for GL1500

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Lowboy Driver Floorboards for GL1500
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These chrome GL1500 driver floorboards when installed bring the boards down 1 inch from original position. They come with heel-toe shifter pegs, brake pedal and heel rest, and fold-up driver floorboards. Enjoy your ride more with these comfortable boards. Fits all Honda GL1500s. Pair.

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Coral Springs, FL
Lowboy Floor boards with heeel toe shifter

Purchased this item from my mechanic 2 weeks ago. Firstly, the length of the heel toe shifter is too short to comfortably place your foot on the floor board, it has to hang off the sides. You need to have the floor board wider so your foot can rest comfortably on the floor board or have the heel toe shifter that is one piece be able to be raised higher, which it cannot do. Not comfortable. Also, the heel rest opposite the brake is totally stupid since you cannot rest your foot firmly on the floor board. Whomever designed this item did not have comfortable riding in mind. Would not recommend this item.

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