Amber LED Lighted Reflector

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Amber LED Lighted Reflector
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The amber LED reflector light has 15 bright lights encased in a chrome housing. Measures 1 1/4 inch x 3 1/2 inches and mounts on any flat surface with self-adhesive tape. The 36 inch lead wire has a single wire function to be use as a running or brake light and can be used on any bike, trike or trailer. This light can be used as a replacement light for Add On part 18-625A Caliper Cover Lights for the GL1800 or Side Marker Light for the GL1200. Single.

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Sun City, AZ
Great value

I replaced the reflectors on my front forks with these. Not too hard to install. Just remove the old reflector, drill out for the wires, clean the area, and apply the light to the disk cover. Run the wires up along the brake lines and tap into your running or turn signal wire at the mirror, depending on how you want them to operate.

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Danville, CA
For Bike & Trailer

These are bright. I installed them on my bike and trailer. Very easy install with just one small hole to drill.

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