Chrome Lense LED Lighted Moldings


Chrome Lense LED Lighted Moldings
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Kuryakyn GL1800 Gold Wing Accessories - New Chrome Lense really looks chrome when not lighted, LEDs Light up Brilliant Red when turned ON and lense looks chrome when off. Doubles as a Running Light AND Brake Light when brake is applied. Available for both the Trunk and Saddlebag. Really look nice OFF or ON and available at our discount pricing.

 Available for both the Trunk and Saddlebag. Really look nice OFF or ON and available at our discount pricing. We suggest combining these with a LED Kuryakyn Saddlebag Lower accent and Kuryakyn LED Mudflap to create an awesome array of LED Lighting.

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Mark & Peggy
North Branch, MN
Looks Stunning

I ordered both the saddle bag and trunk LED molding. I started with the saddle bag molding. The problem I ran into with the instructions was there are two green wires but one has a slim red line. I did not use that one because I figured the instructions would have mentioned that. I got all the saddled bag lights hooked up and tested it before moving on. It didn't work, when i pulled the break lever the lights would go out. Even my spoiler LED lights. I thought, What The Heck! I called Kuryakyn's Tech help line and the guy told me to switch to the green red strip wire. OK, I pulled the wires and switched everything over and tested again. OH Man, Even worse, the lights would flicker so I when to turn the key off and noticed my Navigation dash went dead. I thought, Crap, I toasted my system. After a few minutes of cuss words, I went to start the bike and nothing.

Guess what, the battery went bad. I put in a new battery and switched back to the green wire and Shazam!! I have the most beautiful lights you ever saw. The chrome looks great on a silver color bike. Make sure your battery is good before you start and you will be done in no time. By the way, because I ran the bike a week ago, I did not consider this as the problem.

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Brainerd, MN
best addition ever

Easy install. uppers, saddle bags and bag lowers will light it up like a Christmas tree. All lights just plug in.

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Brentwood, NY
Very Nice

Really looks sharp at night. Plus the chrome lens is awesome.

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Lakeland, FL

These look incredible. Install was easy, just don't overtighten.

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Stone Mountain, GA
Touch of Classic

Installed Trunk and Saddle bags in a afternoon. The YouTube video and supplied docs compliment each other to make installation a no brainer. My advice is not to "overtighten" the molding screws!!! One screw mounting hole began to slightly crack due to too much torq. Go easy on torq when attaching the new parts.

Looks really good and many comps on them when turned off too.

Saltin Peppa Jr.

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  • GL1800 2001-2010
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2010