Isolated Trailer Wire Harness for GL1800

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Isolated Trailer Wire Harness for GL1800
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An all inclusive isolated trailer wire harness is a plug and play unit. Connects the 5 wire system between the bike and trailer. Harness has 4 isolation relays powered directly from the bike battery through a heavy duty wire and isolation fuse to protect the electrical system. Fits the GL1800 2012-2017. Single.

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Calgary, CA
good product, easy to install

I installed this at the same time as the Add-On trailer hitch for my 2012 GL1800. Made sense since I was going to need it anyway, and would already have some of the same panels taken off.

Instructions were good but pictures were a little fuzzy (minor complaint). Wiring only took about an hour to install, with most of that time taken up by removing all the screws and bolts inside the lid of my trunk to get at that wiring harness. I do most of my own wrenching, so I buy the plug-and-play wiring harnesses whenever I can to save me time figuring out which wire goes where. That said, I think this harness was very good, but probably a little pricy.

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