LED Fog Lights for GL1800 Airbag/Non-Airbag

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LED Fog Lights for GL1800 Airbag/Non-Airbag
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These super bright LED driving lights will definitely light up the road ahead. The lights fit behind the cowl and go through the knock outs. The lens measures 3 ¾ inches in diameter. They are 12 volt, 6 watt and the LED has a lumen of 4500 cd and is amazingly bright. The unit is plug-and-play and comes with a relay and jumper plugs. If the relay is used the kit will function as OEM and the fog lights will turn off with the high beam. If the jumper plug is used, the fog lights will work with both low and high beams headlights. The lights have a clear lens and a beautiful chrome bezel encased inside the sealed light housing. All wiring, switches, hardware and instructions are included. Pair.

AO451850AB fits 2006-2010 Air Bag and 2012+ models

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Ottawa, CA
Excellent Product!

Contacted a previous reviewer to obtain an update of his experience to date. He passed that his set were still working great and a lot brighter than regular halogen H3 Bulbs. Where I already had a set of H3 bulb fog lamps I installed one of the new LED units to compare. They definitely project a bright white light verses halogens. The other benefit is the power saving, 12 verses 70W for a set. Definitely recommend this product!

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Apache Junction, AZ
Bright and Beautiful (Redux)

Hitting the "enter" key before writing the review is not the way to make a statement. Not enough coffee in my body this early Tuesday morning. At least, this is the story I'm sticking with.

I purchased my '05 Wing in '09 with 12,000 miles on it. The bike's previous owner had Honda OEM fog lights in place and I changed out the bulbs to Sylvania ZXE's to match the light from the ZXE bulbs being used for my headlights. Needless to say, I got tired of having to replace light bulbs. Likewise, after 10 years of usage, the OEM fog lights were showing their age.

A LOT of research and coin-tossing later, I purchased this set of LED Fog Lights (non-airbag model bike) and had the dealer install them for me as I have no place to work on the bike. The install is beautifully done, the lights aimed perfectly, and they are now wired with the included "jump switch" to stay on with the high-beams activated as well. I run these lights at all times and they are hard-wired to turn on when I turn the bike's power on.

While the ZXE bulbs were nice - the new LED Fog Lights are ten times brighter, cleaner, and more visible than the lights they replaced. I HIGHLY recommend these lights. Now... I want to find headlights which are just as bright!

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Evansville, IN
bright bright bright

love these LEDs they are great the flat/spread of the lights shows the side of the road and into the fields.. makes the eyes of all the critters light up great improvement to night riding.. and they don't pull down the battery

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Sky Rider
Adams County, CO
Pretty Good.

Changed out the xenons for these LEDs about a year ago. They do throw a flat wide pattern and are about 5500 - 6000 kelvins. Much, much less power draw.

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