Chrome LED Lighted Filler Plate GL1800

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Chrome LED Lighted Filler Plate GL1800
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This tri-chromed ABS piece fills the entire license plate area with chrome and includes 14 red LED lights along the bottom. The light can be used as a running and brake light and adds more visibility to the rear of the bike. Easy to install with self-adhesive tape and comes with a 36 inch lead wire. Fits the GL1800 01-10. Single.

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Brainerd, MN
Great Look

Hook the light up to your pulsating break also. I got comments from other, where did you get that? Add a chrome license plate frame for better looks, I got one with my name engraved also but not from wing stuff.

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Chaffee, MO
Nice piece of rear chrome

This is a very nice looking filler plate. It totally changes the look of the area. The fit is good, but it does stick out from the surface of the surrounding panel slightly. From the rear you can't see the protrusion at all. The design uses double-sided tape to affix it to the fender. However, the mounting bolts for the factory license plate bracket also go through this filler plate. I used the tape on the filler plate only as a "gasket" and attached it with the existing bracket bolts. It is very secure this way. The LED's are an excellent idea, as more lights is always good. 14 LED's function as tail and brake lights. The instructions (mounting and electrical) are adequate enough. Install took about an hour. All in all, a very nice piece from Add-On.

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