Elite 787 Series Headset for Nolan N103/N90/N91/N86/N43 Helmets


Elite 787 Series Headset for Nolan N103/N90/N91/N86/N43 Helmets
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J&M is proud to offer their Elite 787 Series Helmet Headset, their best performing helmet headset ever!

This Elite 787 series helmet headset from J&M has been designed to be installed into the Nolan N103/N90/N91/N86/N43E model helmets.

It features our miniature extra-high-output (XHO) AeroMike® VI boom microphone, (tuned for use with all factory installed motorcycle audio systems), new slim-line 40mm high-intensity helmet speakers for improved on-highway audio performance, along with our 8-pin two-piece hook-up cord system (upper cord ONLY included with headset) that allows connection of these headsets to any factory installed motorcycle audio system in existence today, including the new 2014-2015 Harley Infotainment systems & Honda GL-1800 Premium Audio, just by interchanging the lower section hook-up cord.

Packaged with universal type mounting hardware and complete installation instructions.

Made-In-The-USA at our factory in Tucson Arizona, from both domestic and foreign raw materials.

Note: Requires lower "Z" style cord sold separately under Recommended Products on this page.

3 Member Reviews

Cleveland, OH
The real meaning of plug and play

This is the best affordable highest quality system I've ever used .. i've got the nolan n43 and I bought 1 for me and I was amazed of the easy way for installation ... it was just made for the n43 and it fits more than perfectly with best finishing ... sounds very clear and high volume for the long rides ... my friends tried it and we all purchased the same 787

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Peace rider
CB system 787 series

I've purchase the 787 series CB system and it is outstanding compared to other systems that i use on my goldwing and V-twin, I an only say for the price and quality it's the best around. Peace Rider BSMC....

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Paradise, CA
Better sounds and better communication

My husband and I have been wearing Nolan helmets with J&M head set for years.

Last few months, he had been having trouble hearing right side headphone. I had a similar problem before and changed an upper code. Then the problem was solved. So, I bought a new upper code for him. When he removed the old code, he found that one of the pins was broken and stuck inside the small hole and couldn't remove it.

Since we've been using the Elite 629 series headset for almost three years, I decided to buy the new model.
The replacement was really easy. It took about less than 30 minuets. When he came back from work, he was very happy. We had a test ride today. He said that the sound amazing. Also, I can hear his voice much clear than before.

I'll buy another one for me.

3 out of 3 people found this helpful
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