Chrome Mirror Trim w/LED Turn Signals

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Chrome Mirror Trim w/LED Turn Signals
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This chromed ABS Visored Mirror Trim contains a red LED turn signal for added accent on your bike. Made for Honda GL1500 Gold Wing. Attaches with double sided tape provided. Not a plug and play item, must be hard wired.

Show Chrome GL1500 Goldwing Mirror Chrome Visor Trim contains a Red LED Turn Signal Light that flashes with your turn signal for looks and Extra Safety! They are sold in pairs and fit all Honda GL1500 Gold Wings.

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Battletown, KY
Burr and scuff mark in chrome

Mine came with one having a sharp edge across the top that looked like the edge was sharp prior to the chrome being added creating a burr. The other had the same burr and a scuff mark that was chromed over. The defect was on the top where it was the first thing seen when approaching. Sent back.

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Not too bad

I agree with others who have used silicone instead of the tape that comes with them. I used adhesive silicone. I did not even try the tape, it looked like it would just anger me in the end. Other then that, I wish for more LEDS, but the ones that are there put out a good amount of light and will help us be seen. Overall, I am glad I bought these.

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garden city, MN
led lights suck

just received the led mirror trim installed one side with silicone works great checked the other side to make sure the led lights work only 4 out of 8 lights worked i called the company they said i must rip off the good side and send the whole package back they can't send just the led light strip i paid shipping once now have to pay again and again the product looks great but if you get one that does'nt work good luck

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Elmhurst, IL

This add-on fit nice and was easy to install, did it in the driveway in about 1 hour. Definitely use silicone or other waterproof adhesive, I did not trust the adhesive tape (which comes from experience with adhesive tapes) My riding buddies noticed it and you will never know if it saves your butt, but be seen.

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Caracas, VE

it Looks great!, easy to install and makes others rider aware of your "crazy" turns!!
Marco T.

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