Isolated Trailer Wire Harness Kit for GL1800

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Isolated Trailer Wire Harness Kit for GL1800
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The trailer wire harness allows the current from the trailer lights to be drawn directly from the battery using stock lighting circuits to the trailer. It is a plug and play unit and works on ABS or non-ABS brakes. Isolator is included to protect the computer board. Fits GL1800 01-10. Single.

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Feilding, NZ
Pile of crap.

Two pin plug didn't match the one on the bike so had to splice these wires. Red stop light wire was actually the running lights. Brake light wire had no current at all and I ended up tapping into the brake light circuit directly for that one pin. Three splices to a plug n play harness is not strictly plug n play. So it's got one star because the other four plugs saved a lot of splicing and there isn't an option to give a zero.

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Cedar Park, TX
Light it right

I did this install in a matter of minuets even adding the plug to my Bushtec Quantum GLGT trailer as see in another review.. I have been using it since April and we love the whole rig. Thanks to the WingStuff staff for providing quality products at great pricing. By far my favorite place to by stuff for both of my Gold Wings....

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