Fairing Power Plug Socket for GL1800

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Fairing Power Plug Socket for GL1800
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Accessory Power Plug Socket fits inside GL1800 fairing pocket. Powers GPS Units, Radar Detector, Cell Phone Charges, ect. Plug and Play on Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycles and includes connectors for universal wiring on all other bikes.

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Works great, be careful or a little extra work is needed

This was an easy install. 7/8" drill bit (used a wood flat blade). Drilled right in the cross hairs on the outside of the box direct center. The hole is perfect and snug fix. I use it with a 2 port USB element and it works perfect. Turns off with the key, works in accessory mode too.
My unit can with a cigarette lighter in it. DO NOT USE IT. Went to pop it out and pushed it in and the 5 amp fuse blew as it should have. Had to remove the seat and side cover for a stupid mistake. I forget to remove it with the rubber cap over it.

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Bowie, MD
Easy install for great power!

Installed on my F6B in no time at all! Works great for XM Radio as well as GPS.

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Fremont, CA
Easy install

Put this in, mostly to get a power connection from the aux connector under the pocket. Went in easy, and the quality is good.

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Plainland, AU
great for the long ride

Installed in the top right hand corner of my left side glove compartment. Wondered if I would really ever use it. What was I worried about. I like to go for nice scenic rides. So now I can keep my spare GoPro batteries charged. The only problem I have is I can no longer say to the wife. Sorry I didn't call because the battery was flat.

Would highly recommend you install one

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Portland, OR
15 minute install

Piece of cake to install, especially after watching a youtube video on installing a Hondaline power plug which is basically the same. The Show Chrome version is actually easier!
It's a bit of a tight fit though, so make sure that your wire bundles are all back in their original positions before putting everything back together.

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017