Flare Windshield for F6B

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Flare Windshield for F6B
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This windshield has been wind-tunnel tested and has proven performance that reduces annoying wind buffeting. It also adds stability to the front of the motorcycle by generating down-force at speed. It is made from .177" thick dual-side hard-coated polycarbonate for durability.


  • Retains factory height adjustment
  • Installs using OEM hardware
  • Made in the USA

5 Member Reviews

newburgh, NY
buffeting worse then stock

read the reviews did the research should have saved my money .Installed 14" dark smoke on f6b .The wind noise and level were worse then stock . It seemed it moved the buffeting from my face to back of my head .Seems like it should be wider. Cant return because it was installed .the 2 stars are only for fabrication.

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Big John
Monterey, CA
Part 3

4000 miles with this shield on, Works well as in my last review. Every now and then the distortion throws me off a bit. Most often at low speed when your judging curbs etc.

WingStuff stepped up & took care of me since the first 16" shield was scratched in shipping. Still the best place to buy wing stuff!

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Big John
Monterey, CA
Size matters part 2

Klock Werks was very fare with me. I pay shipping & restock fee. I replaced the 16" with the 14" and it works better then the stock shield, Looks nice. Only negative is full turn left and the cables hit a little.
So for that 4 stars.

As far as WingStuff -1 star on this one. I called them about my shield being scratched by the fender extender that some fool put in the box with the shield. They said it could not of scratched the shield since both had factory packaging. That was not true since they cut the package that the fender extender came in and folded it over. That edge is what scratched the shield while bouncing its way to my house. Also I was told "Did you remove the plastic cover off the shield?" I said yes since I would not have seen the scratch had I left it on. Reason #2 that I own it was I took the plastic sheeting off. So at this point I can say I will not buy a shield from my old buddy Rick again. PS I have known Rick since before he Started wingstuff & will keep supporting him but no more Shields. $100 lesson learned

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Big John
Monterey, CA
Size matters

Before buying I looked around & made a call to Klock Werks , I was told that being 6'3" that the 16" would work well for me...... Wrong! I have to look way down the road to not be looking at the top curve. The curve as you would think has a lot of distortion. Other then that it looks good & is made well. I will contact wing stuff & see what my options are and do a 2nd review later.

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Toodyay , AU
what a diffrence

I was not shore how much of a difference it would make as it is not as tall as some but it was great very good build quality everythink lined up only took 10 min to change over and there was a massive change in head buffering and much quieter than before I can know here the stereo throw the bike speakers at speeds over 120km nice and clear

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