Tunnel Filler for GL1800

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Tunnel Filler for GL1800
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These foam tunnel fillers fit around the top of the forks and prevents air flow on to the driver for a more comfortable ride in during hot, cold or rainy weather. Also keeps road debris from blowing up onto the driver. Fits all GL1800 01-10. Pair.  Made in the USA.

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South Point, OH
A Very Useful Product!

These actually work very well. I installed them last winter to block some of the cold air that blows up thru the tunnels which they did quite well. I had planned on removing them in the spring but decided to leave them in. Glad I did, they have greatly reduced the dust, debris, and bugs that usually blow thru the tunnel and into my eyes/face. So far they have stayed in place and don't seem to affect steering effort at all. I would recommend this product!

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Colbert, OK
Not bad

Blocks some road noise and the empty light that shows through. I never lost mine but one misaligned. Easy to install and durable.

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Effective and durable.

Although these are a bit pricey, they work very effectively and I've found them to be very durable. I've had my current ones 60k miles and still work great. Easy to clean and block wind and noise well. Very satisfied and would definitely buy again

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New Port Richey, FL
Helps with the road noise

Reduced the road noise enough to substantiate the cost. However the mechanic who did the front forks failed to replace them, I didn't realise it until I went in a rough road. So I bought a second set.

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San Antonio, TX

Another reviewer stated he lost one of the fillers. I, too, am having a problem keeping the filler on the right side securely in place. Thus far, I have been able to keep it from falling out. I believe the wiring harness along the right side of the tunnel keeps the filler from fitting properly. I am going to use some two-way tape to try to keep the filler in place. If that does not work, I may do some trimming on the right filler around the wire harness to allow it to fit better.

On the plus side, the fillers do reduce the air flow through the tunnel, thus blocking most debris, and reduces noise.

I would purchase the filler again, but I think some modifications may be necessary to keep them firmly in place.

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