MotoPump Mini Pro Inflator Deluxe Kit


MotoPump Mini Pro Inflator Deluxe Kit
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The MotoPumps Mini Pro Inflator combines features and certifications not found in any other inflator on the market. Powered by your bike’s 12v system and drawing less than 5A (BMW CAN bus compatible), it is ready any time you are. The pump will inflate a flat motorcycle tire in approximately 5 minutes or air up a low tire in seconds. The LED work-light and backlit, accurate, pressure gauge make night-time use a snap.  Every MotoPump is backed by our Five Year Limited Warranty. 

The MotoPumps?Mini Pro Deluxe Kit combines all the function and features demanded by avid mototourists.? The pump is heavy duty, but not heavy at 18 oz.? It includes all necessary connectors, SAE, Cig plug, Battery Clips, Terminal Rings, 10’ power cord, 3.5’ coiled air hose with a zero loss connector for easy, convenient use.  Everything stores in included heavy-duty neoprene case.  Get one today and be adventure ready! 


  • Compact 2″ x 4.75″ x 5.75″
  • Light Weight at 18oz
  • Main power cord with SAE plug 6.5′ reach
  • Cig plug to SAE cord 3.5″ reach for a total of 10′
  • Patented Integrated Polarity Protection Circuit lights up if Polarity is Reversed (instead of letting all the smoke out)
  • Durable Polyurethane 3′ Coiled Air Hose with Zero Loss Connector stores onboard.
  • Three “sports” inflator fittings store on board for inflating sleeping pads, rafts, balls, etc.
  • Accurate and steady-as-a-rock back-lit pressure gauge is easy to read in any lighting condition.
  • Bright LED light automatically illuminates and makes it a snap to use the MiniPro at night.
  • Deluxe kits will also include a durable neoprene case and additional connectors, ring terminal to SAE for installation on the vehicle and battery clips for use with any 12v system.
  • The pump draws a low 6 amps and is rated to 50 psi and 30 minutes continuous use.  It will fill a standard motorcycle tire to 36 psi in about 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

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