Zumo 590LM Premium GPS Motorcycle Navigator


Zumo 590LM Premium GPS Motorcycle Navigator
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The Garmin Zumo 590LM has a big, bright 5.0 inch touchscreen display that is easy to read, even in sunlight. With dual-orientation, you can position the navigator horizontally, for a wider view, or vertically, to see more of the route ahead. And, thanks to its high-sensitivity, glove-friendly, intuitive interface, entering information is as easy as shifting gears.

The Zumo 590LM features Bluetooth wireless technology. With it, you’re free to talk on your phone without having to remove your gloves or helmet. Simply connect Zumo to your cell phone and a Bluetooth-enabled headset or helmet to make and receive calls on the go. You can also call points of interest through the Zumo Bluetooth interface — perfect for last-minute change of plans or a quick stop for food and fuel.

Focus on the road by following spoken street names and navigation commands. The Zumo 590LM can transmit voice prompts to your Bluetooth headset or helmet. Garmin Real Directions guide like a friend, using landmarks and traffic lights, rather than hard-to-read street names.

Music and Media

Ride to the beat of your own rhythm. The Zumo 590LM includes an MP3 player and is compatible with iPod and iPhone so you can conveniently control your music through its display.


  • Service history log
  • Speaks street names
  • Exit services alert
  • Active Lane Guidance with voice prompts
  • Voice-activated navigation (operate device with spoken commands)
  • Live weather radar and traffic information via the Smartphone Link4 app (subscription required)
  • trafficTrends (calculates routes based on predicted traffic flow)
  • myTrends (predicts your routes)
  • Route avoidance
  • Supports TOPO and custom maps
  • TracBack allows you to navigate right back to where you started, along the same route
  • 3-D terrain view
  • Speed limit indicator
  • Built in MP3 player
  • Vibration- and drop-tested to withstand just about anything you can ride through
  • Compatible with Garmin Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor (sold separately)
  • Accepts MicroSD cards (sold separately)
  • Lifetime map updates


  • Zumo 590LM
  • Battery pack
  • Motorcycle mount and hardware
  • Motorcycle power cable
  • Automotive suction cup mount
  • Automotive power cable
  • USB cable
  • Quick start manual


  • Dimensions: 5.12"W x 3.7"H x 1.18"D
  • Display size: 4.25"W x 2.55"H
  • Weight: 13.2oz
  • 800 x 480 resolution
  • Transflective Screen
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • 4 hours battery life
  • Audio out jack
  • High-sensitivity receiver

3 Member Reviews

Santa Rosa, CA
Whoops! Forgot these tidbits

One feature that I forgot to mention below and isn't mentioned unless you watch the video is that the 590LM integrates not only your playlist/MP3 player from your phone, but also interfaces with Pandora radio. The controls for Pandora displays neatly on your Zumo screen and you can control all functions from the Zumo including thumbs up/down, next song, change channels, etc. When in navigation/map mode, you can have a mini-control screen for Pandora/MP3 in the lower right hand side of the screen. I used to subscribe to XM radio (expensive) over my Zumo 550, but I find Pandora much better even if you subscribe to the free version. Perhaps the only downside to Pandora through your smartphone (besides data usage) is that your areas of coverage are more limited. XM radio performs well over the USA while during our cross country trip, I would say we had Pandora coverage approximately 70% of the time. This would depend on your cellular provider, also. But for the no charge aspect and that I like the programming better through Pandora, it was well worth it. In addition to the MP3 and Pandora integration with your phone, you can also install a micro SD card with all of your MP3 selections and play them through the 590.

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Santa Rosa, CA
Fast and Integrates with your Smartphone

After over 3 years working with my Zumo 550, it finally went south on me. While checking out replacements through Garmin, the rep asked if I had checked out the new 590LM (lifetime maps). I checked out the specs for the 590 and pre-ordered one before their release. Received it just in time for our cross country coast to coast 4 week journey. Here's what I found: besides the larger screen over the 550, its performance far surpasses the 550. It grabs onto satellites quickly (most of the times even inside our hotel room so we could plan our next day's run) and reacts quickly and easily to finger touches and swipes even with gloves on. It's display can even be used and seen in direct sunlight although it does appear faded in bright light -- but you CAN still see it without having to create shade for it. When on multi lane interstates, the unit tells you where you should be for you turn/exit (ie the left two lanes) and also shows you via a split screen the actual exit signs that you'll encounter. Besides the fast processor for the map, it also quickly locates POI's nearby, up ahead, along your route with amazing speed -- no waiting. I would recommend this unit for just these reasons, but there's more. Garmin offers a free "Smart Link" smartphone application that interfaces with your smartphone. You can remember where you parked, speak your destination into your smartphone and quickly send your destination to the 590 so no long protracted inputs via the screen keyboard. You can select a destination and then pick "motorcycle roads" and the Zumo will automatically calculate a route via curvy, off the freeway route (if possible) to your destination. Also, the smart link app contains some fee based programs including traffic, weather and camera feeds along the nations highways and byways. The fee is minimal ($19.95 for the weather app, $4.95 for the traffic app and these are lifetime, not per month or year). I didn't subscribe to camera feed app but I believe it is about $5.00 lifetime. With the traffic app active, it will advise of slowdowns, accidents, traffic incidents and even advise of the delay time along your route. It's a nice feature but wasn't totally accurate. It was correct about 50% of the time probably because the updating wasn't as fast as our travels took us. Many of the delays were non-existent when we arrive. But then again, when it came to accidents and other longer delays, it did give us fairly reliable information, but heck, for $4.95 lifetime, it's worth it. As to the weather app WOW! I love this thing. We used it extensively during our cross country sojourn. We could be in 100+ degree temps one moment and then driving rains a short period later. Not only can the 590 show you the expected temps and weather predictions along your route/times of arrival, but it has an active radar display that can show the rain cells intensity and expected path. I used this feature to great extent and found this tool invaluable. I was able to fairly accurately predict that we would circumvent or miss rain pockets many times and also used it to make decisions to pull over and place our rain gear on BEFORE we hit the rains ahead. I can't tell you how much we appreciated this feature. Obviously, I'm a fan of this unit and would recommend it to all even with its high price. My fellow motorcycle traveler was so impressed with the 590 that he purchased one when we returned from our trip. If you have an older Garmin GPS unti, if you call Garmin, they may take the unit in as a "trade in" even if the unit isn't working. They gave me $150 for my non-working dead in the water 550.

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Naharia, IL
Garmin Sumo 590LM

I June I atended the Wing Ding 36 in Madison Wisconsin with my wife on a rental Goldwing. We purchased a Sumo 590LM at the event and proceeded afterwards on a most enjoyable tour of Wisconsin avoiding highways, freeways and unpaved toadas. The Sumo did a great job and only erred once, taking us on a 1km stretch of unpaved road on our 3600 km trip. The Sumo made our holiday, it is a great GPS and I am extremely happy that we invested in this particular model.

Ken Merber,

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