Fairing Pouch w/Gold Wing Logo


Fairing Pouch w/Gold Wing Logo
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Fairing Pouch with GL Logo is has quick-release mounting system, embossed Gold Wing logo and fits any GL1800 Gold Wing.

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orange spook
happy as a clam

I liked this pouch so well, and it mounts so easy, I ended up buying a second one for the right side fairing. Its great for all those little extras. Looks sharp too, and easy on/off if you need to take it with you. I will admit I'm a sucker for OME products.

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Stooge Dude
Wichita, KS

I wish I had bought 2 , one for each side of the faring, great for any small extras

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Brookings, OR

This is a great item. It installs very easily on the side pockets. It is big enough to hold an extra pair of gloves or anything else you need to get at quickly. It has a two-way zipper. It easily pops off and can be carried with you. As far as water proof I have been in the rain several times and it has stayed dry. It location up so close the the wind sheild really prevents the water from hitting it. I guess if the bike was stationary in a down poor then what is inside might get wet. I don't know. It is a little expensive, but what can you said it is Honda.

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Prior Lake, MN

Great functionality - looks really nice, and with the Honda Embossed Emblem it looks like it came from the factory.

I love having another place to store small items so it made my day when my wife bought it for me.

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Fillmore, CA

Like these pouches but did not want them on the fairing lids. I put one on each side of the trunk. Left side is where the passenger Com cable rubber hanger is. The right side matches the left location. I mounted them "not" removable. These are great for keeping the SO's lower helmet cord and it's still attached to the bike com cable. I also have the 12v power cable in this pouch for her electric jacket liner. I just cut a small slit in the bottom to insert the cables into the pouch. we zip them closed around the cables when in use. The right side is for her camera or anything else she wants keep handy. Reminds me of my old Venture Royal that had one pouch located like this.
It's a huge improvement over the little rubber com cable holder and looks like they should have always been there.

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