Swivel-Clip Mount Black for Goldwing Switch Housing

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Swivel-Clip Mount Black for Goldwing Switch Housing
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Designed with the popular Otterbox Defender Phone Cases in mind, the Swivel-Clip will work with just about any item that has a belt clip or loop such as: garage door openers, lighter cases, tool kits, sunglass cases, snuff boxes and cameras. Now you don’t have to take your phone out of your Otterbox to mount and use your phone on your motorcycle! Includes Ultra-Swivel for a clean, low-profile look with angle-ability; Ultra-Security to ensure it will never bounce out; Get the Vibe Out™ anti-vibration, and stainless steel holdings snaps for a classic look. All components are manufactured in the USA of machined aluminum and stainless steel (never rusts!).

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