Digital Bluetooth & iPod Music Player


Digital Bluetooth & iPod Music Player
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JMDM-IPBT-JCB03 J&M Digital Music-IPod-Bluetooth Player for JMCB-2003 E, K and B series CB radio comes with installation instructions.

This digital music controller is designed to plug right in to the JMCB-2003E/K models and will also work with the earlier JMCB-2003B model systems, with the JMDM-ADT-JCB03 adapter which is sold as separate item.

Stream music videos down off of You-Tube with your favorite Smartphone, and direct by Bluetooth the audio signals right into the aux input cable of J&M's JMCB-2003.

You can also stream stereo music down off of Pandora and/or your SmartPhones's own internal music files, and direct them by Bluetooth into the JMCB-2003, thru J&M’s Bluetooth enabled digital music controller.

These exciting music streaming features will work with an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Samsung or almost any Smartphone available in the marketplace today that incorporates Bluetooth as part of its design.

J&M’s new digital music controller will also connect to a standard iPod by wire and direct the stereo music into the JMCB-2003's audio system aux input, using the iPod’s own onscreen controls, while at the same time keeping the iPod fully charged.

A Smartphone or Garmin Zumo can also be linked by Bluetooth to the J&M music controller, while an iPod is simultaneously connected by wire, and when a navigation command or cell phone call is received, it will automatically interrupt the iPod music signal into the system.

When initiating or answering a cell phone call on-screen, the rider and/or passenger can talk over the cell phone using the very same J&M corded headsets already connected to the JMCB-2003, that are normally used for CB and intercom functions.

This digital music controller Bluetooth/Smartphone/iPod kit includes direct plug-n-play harnesses for the JMCB-2003E/K audio system, wired extension cable for iPod, 3.5mm aux extension cable.

Important Note:

This 'J&M digital music player with Bluetooth is NOT completely weather resistant, much like a cell phone, so it is important during the installation that the unit control head be mounted & stored in some type of compartment or pouch on the motorcycle, so that it is not exposed to significant amounts of moisture, as water damage is not covered under the warranty for this item.

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