Unisex Cold Riding Basegear Pants


Unisex Cold Riding Basegear Pants
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Think of TPG Basegear as a unisex second skin that not only protects you from chafing and bacterial build-up, but that also combats body odor and keeps you dry. Constructed of fabric that’s lighter than cotton, TPG’s Basegear keeps you feeling fresh by helping to keep your skin moisture-free. 

Moisture transport system wicks the sweat from your body keeping you cool and dry

Basegear’s heat-release mechanism keeps your skin surface as cool as possible to help maintain core body temperature-increases in core body temperature can cause muscle fatigue and slow reaction time

  • Fabric is 50% lighter than a cotton T-Shirt after 60 minutes of exercise
  • It releases 80% of its moisture after 30 minutes of rest, while cotton only releases 35% of its moisture after 30 minutes of rest
  • All seams flat-stitched for added comfort under layering system
  • UV 50+ protection from sun elements helps control body temperature to reduce fatigue
  • Anti-bacterial protection.

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