LST Horizon HeliBars for GL1800 & F6B

LST Horizon HeliBars for GL1800

I have the "Limited 1rst Production" on my 2014 BLACK EDITION GL1800 -
This is by far the Best Handle Bar System on the market. There will be issues with F4 Customs Windshields (as they are a full 2" wider than the Honda Stock Windshields) when fully turned left or right as the Clutch and Brake handles will come into contact but this can be Delt with if your aware & carefull (I try to never turn the bars that far while driving, rather it happens while pushing bike around & loading onto lifts &/or trailers) also when adjusted to a "Sport Bike" position - fully streight & at it's highest position it will obstruct your mirrors so, plan accordingly (I use a additional mirror temporarily mounted atop the stock Mirrors while riding in this configuration) the multiple ways to "Set" these Heli-Bars makes controlling the GoldWing unparalleled and widens your experiential nature aboard this 1832cc Flat Six World Class Motor Cycle. Highly recommend you combine this with a Fork brace and the Anti-Dive Fork Shims to compliment your set up. LOVE IT ‼️

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Excellent Product

2015 GL1800: Adjustability is outstanding. I'm still fine tuning them but that is easy, just as shown on the product website video. My local area and long distance ride seating positions are different so the quick, exact setting changes are appreciated. My Wing feels so different now, much better.

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Kuwait City, KW
Do not install it if you have f4 custom windshield

I just installed mine and if i turn completly left or right, the cluth lever and front brake lever will hit the windshield.
However, it is better than stock handlebar.
Thinking of trimming the sides of the windshield.

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Captain J
Update on Butler Mug w/Heli Bars

After calling Glass Act (manufacturer of Butler Mug) I found that their Python mount will work with the Heli Bars. I mounted the Python bracket today.

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Captain J
Butler mug will not mount like on the OEM bars.

I give the bars 3 stars because the butler mug can not be mounted like on the OEM bars. Had I know this, I'd would not have purchased these bars.

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Orem, UT
best add on ever

I hated the stock handlebars. too low and narrow. rode for a few years with handlebar risers installed. a bit better than stock but not quite right. Installed the Helibars a few months ago. Probably the best thing i have done to my wing. Bars are now higher, wider and come back a bit more. the adjustability is great. So much more comfortable. No more pain or cramps in my shoulders. The other huge benefit is handling. so much more control on the steering. effortless. Highly recommend.

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ST. Peter, MN
A must

Installed these my self wish they had a video to go with the instructions but you can find all of the steps on different product videos if you take the time to look. Now that they are on other reviews are right they should come stock from the factory. Changed tires on my 2012 to brigstone on the advice of a mechanic and no with these bars handles licke a dream.

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Houston, TX
Finally got HeliBars

And I am very happy. At 6'plus I have always suffered with the stock bars. I promised myself that if i ever got a new Wing HeliBars would be on it. I ordered them right after I got my 2016. I installed them myself. It took just over 4 hours to complete. The part that took the longest was the tedious procedure of removing the left heated grip. About 1 hour 45 minutes of the procedure.

The bottom line is these are superior quality and the fit is perfect. And if I decide the fit is not perfect, I can change it. :)

Very very satisfied.

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Springfield, OH
Self-Install Helibars on '08 GL1800

I had researched Helibars for quite a while, and took the leap after a friend's funeral.

I was #2 in a bike procession to the cemetery, whose entrance was a 90° turn with an immediate uphill grade of broken asphalt. Negotiating the turn on my ’08 GL1800 at a slow 5(?) mph, PLUS the ramp up, put a tweak on the forks which gave a shake and nearly dumped the two of us. (I don’t think she knew, but it definitely startled me.) So I figured I wanted additional control if I was ever in that situation again.

The couple hundred miles I’ve put on the bars so far have been enjoyable. I immediately noticed more control during slow turns, such as doing a left turn across traffic from a dead stop. Being of medium frame and not having especially long arms, I’m now able to bring the bars back and twist them in for a much more comfortable ride.

I did the install myself. I’d give the included instructions an A-, wanting more detail in some of the directions (such as where those damn securing clips are located on the electrical connections). I definitely recommend having the bike’s maintenance manual nearby since some of the installation instructions did not work at all (such as the removal of the instrument dash – no use of a card to pop the speaker screens on this model (since they’re bolted to the inner face of the dash)). Download and read the instructions while you’re waiting for the delivery, to determine if you feel confident to do the work yourself. It’s not rocket science, but I did need to use an air powered impact wrench to loosen the original handlebar bolts. Most of the frustration came during the break down process, versus the install.

The parts were well packaged, and the powder coated finish is nice. A well designed product that I think you will definitely enjoy. Save up your quarters … it’s worth it.


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Central, NJ
Helibars for GL1800 are a winner!!

I had these bars installed by Helibars up at their location in Cornish, ME just 3 weeks ago and I immediately noticed the difference. I had the bike fully loaded along with both me & my wife, all the saddlebags were full, the truck was full, we had a full travel bag on the truck rack, and I had a hitch rack with a full travel bag on it with some tools! We were loaded down and on our way up from Central Jersey (358 miles) and believe me when I tell you I felt the huge flex in the stock handlebars on the way up with all that extra weight whenever I hit even a small rut in the road!! After the install, on this trip, we did another 606 miles before we were home again, and the difference was amazing! The flex was reduced to next to nothing (keep in mind we were still loaded to the gills on this trip) and my sitting position was no longer cramped. At 6'0" 195lbs I always felt the standard bars were a bit too low and in for my liking, my other bike, a VTX1300, always felt more comfortable to me and I could more easily handle slow maneuvers and tight turns better with it because of the feel & position of the bars were slightly higher and out..this was always an issue with my Wing until now. With the new position afforded me with the Helibars, both my position is more relaxed and comfortable and my control of the bike is much improved, especially with the ability to handle it at slow speeds! Of all the enhancements on my 2008 Wing I can honestly say that this is by far the most valued one I made, some may say that the bars are pricey, with install the total package was $895.00, but frankly I can't put a price on the added control, safety & confidence I feel with them..... J. Brophy, BKNJIII Ride With Pride

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