Black Tapered Fender Extension for Honda F6B/GL1800

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Black Tapered Fender Extension for Honda F6B/GL1800
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Add a sleek, clean look to the front fender of your GL1800 with this perfectly contoured seven inch Black Front Fender Extension. Show Chrome Accessories® new black ABS Front Fender Extension not only looks great, but also keeps rocks, road debris,and water down on the road where they belong. The Front Fender Extension mounts easily with the included hardware. Our Front Fender Extension is the perfect accent for your bike.

BLACK TAPERED FRONT FENDER, Extension with Brace, For GL1800 Goldwing , Not Air Bag Model 

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Decorah, IA
Fender Extension Installation

First off I've had this Fender Extension on for the past 9 years. To make this work without breaking it. Forget using those supplied attachment strips. Instead purchase some abs Pipe Glue that Plumbers use to seal pipes. I applied a liberal amount on the extension and on the underside of the fender then clamped it in place until dry. I've done one repost to the attachment area in the 9 years that the extension's been attached.

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Galveston , TX
Inferior product needs to be removed from any purchase list

Being super careful to not misalign or over torque any of the fasteners. The fit seem to be dead on. I had high expectations for a successful install.

Upon wiping off fingerprints post installation I noticed black ABS plastic fragments laying on my lift.

Further inspection revealed the ear that attaching it to the fender was shattered involving the stock fender as well.

An inferior or defective product caused my fender to crack and break to smithereens.

ABS plastic normally indestructible?

Somehow this batch was packaged and delivered all the while being like glass.

I had no choice but to trim off the fractured plastic so as to run any fender at all.

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Vankleek Hill, CA
Fender extension goldwing

Agree with Skippy. Cost me a bottom front fender. Looks great, does keep water and crap down but in the end, cracks the fender in multiple places beyond repair. Also learned the hard way.

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Baraboo, WI
Don't buy this unless you want your fender to break.

I installed this on my 2015 F6B and my fender mounts broke in several places.
I followed the installation directions to the "T" also.
This ended up costing me more than it was worth to the tune of $175.00 for a new fender.
My Honda dealer says they see this all the time caused by fender extensions.
Sorry I learned my lesson. Never again.

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Show Chrome Smoke Fender Extender

While I didn't buy my extender through Wingstuff I thought it important to let all who may be interested in this extender that they are prone to causing the rear half of the front fender and the two front side covers to break at the mounting points. Local Honda dealer said this is a problem with the longer extensions and it's not a Honda warranty item so you can plan on paying $250 to $300 for the new parts if/when they break. I liked the extension for keeping road junk off the front of the bike but not to the tune of $300 dollars. I have read that another extension called the "Fenda Extenda" works much better and doesn't cause this problem so I may give it a try.

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
  • (Excludes Air Bag Models)
  • F6B 2013-2017