Rubber Washers for Chrome Star Washers

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Rubber Washers for Chrome Star Washers
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Chrome Star Washers are used to protect the finish of your bike from cracks and chips emanating from accessory mounting holes. Big Bike Parts® now includes 1” EDPM rubber washers to put between the chrome washers and your bike, these rubber washers add more protection to the finish of your bike while helping minimize cracking and stress cracks from drilled mounting holes. Available in either a 4PK or 10PK kit. The rubber washers are also available separately as a 10PK, to use on existing installations.

26MM OD X 6MM ID X 2MM, Rubber EPDM Washer, 10 Pack

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Kokomo , IN
Not as described...

Listed as the same size and as a match for their Chrome Star Washer but these are smaller and not the same diameter.

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