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LunaGLO Rim Tape
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LunaGLO rim tape for use with Lunasee 320 and Lunasee PRO 1000 Wheel Lighting Kits. The material is 4mm wide and 6.5m long -- enough to do both sides of both wheels for standard size factory wheels. 

Daylight Color: Off-white

Nighttime Glow: Green

1 roll of LunaGLO rim tape - Green glow - 4mm width x 6.5 meters length. This is enough for both sides of both wheels for typical factory wheels. This is pressure sensitive automotive grade adhesive -- just peel the liner off and apply to your wheels. We recommend purchase of the LunaGLO Tape Applicator Tool to assist in applying the tape consistently and evenly on your wheel. 

Daylight Color: Off-white (see images with material on chrome style rim and on black rim)

Nighttime Glow: Green

We highly recommend purchase of the Tape Applicator Tool to assist with DIY tape application to assist with tape alignment and quicker application time.

LunaGLO Rim Tape: Lunasee's fast reacting photoluminescent pin striping comes in a single roll that can be cut to length to fit each wheel. The material is 4mm in width and one roll is 6.5 meters in length. This is enough material to do both sides of both wheels for most factory sized wheels. See info below for estimated requirements for various wheel size combinations. The LunaGLO rim tape is specifically formulated for maximum performance with LEDpods.

Wheel Size Combination Rolls Required

2 x 16" 1 roll

2 x 17" 1 roll

19" and 16" 1 roll

21" and 16" 1 roll

23" and 16" 2 rolls

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