1" Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs Anodized Silver for GL1800, Honda F6B

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1" Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs Anodized Silver for GL1800, Honda F6B
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Aero Highway Pegs from RIVCO feature CNC machined billet aluminum streamlined stealth pegs that flip out with a flick of your boot and have several inches of forward-and-back adjustment. The pegs bolt to the valve covers, and the set comes in anodized silver.

The pegs come in three finish choices - triple chrome plated and silver or black anodized. See recommended products.

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Pegs are Offset from each other

First, don't tell me that I put them together wrong, because you can't.
The left peg is 1/2" closer than the right. The adjustment holes are 1" spacing. So, it is off 1/2" no matter what. No, not a big deal. But, what would you think if Honda's OEM pegs were offset that same 1/2". You would think it was pretty stupid.
The pegs are nice otherwise. This low rating is because not only are the mounts (specifically, the left mount) drilled wrong, but Rivco doesn't care. That's pretty frustrating.
For what I paid for these pegs, they should be and can be built correctly!
So when you are forking out the big bucks thinking that you are getting a precise quality item - think again ...
These are great for the guy with a shorter left leg!

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East Meadow, NY

Installed the aeropegs on my 2014 Goldwing 1800. The other day I was parking the bike in my garage and the kickstand did not hold correctly so the bike tipped over. The aeropeg was extended as I just came in from a ride. As the peg hit the floor I heard and crack and all of a sudden all of the engine oil drained out on my garage floor. Upon further inspection I noticed the metal peg had put enough pressure on the side on the cover that it cracked the aluminum side cover that covers the timing chain and spark plugs thereby releasing the oil and now I have a cracked cover that needs to be replaced. I am not sure why the design of these pegs does not have the ability for them to fold up in the event of a bike leaning over. Interestingly enough I mentioned this to a friend of mine who also has a Goldwing and experienced the same issue. He said that during his trip to Texas last month the same thing. My suggestion is DO NOT Add these to your Goldwing. It's only a matter of time if your bike goes over that you will end up with a costly repair.

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Bassendean, AU
A Great Product with Great Service

I was looking for highway pegs so big km days on my 2014 Valkyrie would be a breeze.
After searching the net I found the Rivco Areo Pegs.
I didnt really want bulky pegs hanging off the crash bars.
They work well with the Valkyrie lines and you dont no they are there when folded in.
A real great product that are well made and easy to fit.
I tried to find the Pegs in Australia but the price was over the top.
The prompt service and follow up with freight costs was excellent from WingStuff.
My pegs arrived exactly on time.
One Happy Rider

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Ripley, TN
Clean look

Rode with these on the f6b and there great no big bulk pegs and nice with the seating position on the f6b. The Anodized look really pops on the wing no chrome on a blacked out bike.

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oviedo, FL

Ive grown up around Goldwings & recently purchased my first one. I never really liked the highway pegs that just hang out there in the open. As soon as I saw the pegs by RIVCO, I had to have them. They bolt on in 5 minutes, & no special tools/skills to install.

If you are considering, please do not let the following discourage you from purchase. One small issue, the pegs are not mounted evenly. They're not that far off, but you can feel a slight difference between the two sides. The right side is mounted farther forward then the left. Yes, I did make sure they were both using the same corresponding holes. When you set the mounting brackets next to each other, you can see the holes on the right bracket is nearly one hole off from the left bracket.

Small issue or not, awesome idea, design, easy to use on the go, can't wait to powder coat/paint to match the bike.

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