1" Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs Anodized Silver for GL1800, Honda F6B

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1" Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs Anodized Silver for GL1800, Honda F6B
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Aero Highway Pegs from RIVCO feature CNC machined billet aluminum streamlined stealth pegs that flip out with a flick of your boot and have several inches of forward-and-back adjustment. The pegs bolt to the valve covers, and the set comes in anodized silver.

The pegs come in three finish choices - triple chrome plated and silver or black anodized. See recommended products.

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Breaks Easily

They are pretty. Installs ok. However, if they are extended and you drop the bike, they snap like twigs.

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Fillmore, CA
Really quality designed and made

Just purchased these for my 2016 GL1800. As stated here, the look is clean and function is great.
The offset when mounting is from the engine cylinder spacing one side to the other. The Aero Peg's adjust for this just fine. Their positioning is quite comfortable.
I do long rides, these are as nice as my old Markland Hwy foot pads.
They flip out easy when riding with the tabs Rivco has on the bottom of each peg. They even have a machined safety notch to break away the peg if it's out in an accident, saving any damage to the engine.

American made. Fit and design are spot on. This is a fine product and just a bit more cost than the popular Chinese made clamp on Hwy pegs. Two Thumbs Up!

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Payson, AZ
Great look and feel

The installation was easy and went exactly the way the instructions were written. The side of the engine looks way cooler than stock, and I don't have to have bulky hardware tacked onto the engine guards. They are thin but suprisingly comfortable. The left one is a tad closer than the right but not too noticible for me. Someone mentioned potential engine damage if the bike falls. I'll need to be extra careful about folding them in when I'm not using them.

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Mark & Peggy
North Branch, MN
Clean Look when Not in use.

I have been looking for riding pegs for a long time because I don't really like how the other brands look dangling from the side of the bike. They collect bugs and require more washing and polishing. Well these work really well for me and theres not much hanging out to clean.

The skinny, They install easy. The off set from side to side doesn't matter to me because if i wasn't told about it, I probably would even know. I flip them out when i use them and kick them in when done. For me, this is a great product.

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Pegs are Offset from each other

First, don't tell me that I put them together wrong, because you can't.
The left peg is 1/2" closer than the right. The adjustment holes are 1" spacing. So, it is off 1/2" no matter what. No, not a big deal. But, what would you think if Honda's OEM pegs were offset that same 1/2". You would think it was pretty stupid.
The pegs are nice otherwise. This low rating is because not only are the mounts (specifically, the left mount) drilled wrong, but Rivco doesn't care. That's pretty frustrating.
For what I paid for these pegs, they should be and can be built correctly!
So when you are forking out the big bucks thinking that you are getting a precise quality item - think again ...
These are great for the guy with a shorter left leg!

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017