J&M HS CD9279 UN HO Universal Performance Headset w/HO AeroMike


J&M HS CD9279 UN HO Universal Performance Headset w/HO AeroMike
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This Performance Series HS-CD-9279-UN-HO helmet headset from J&M has been designed to be installed into most open-face, flip-front and full-coverage style helmets.

It features our high-output AeroMike® III miniature boom microphone, (tuned for use with all factory installed motorcycle audio systems) two of our wide-fidelity ultra-slim helmet speakers in stereo, our universal clamp-on mounting system and the upper section (only) of our PA-series 8-pin straight-plug hook-up cord.

You will appreciate the ambient noise canceling and wind blocking ability of the latest version of our high-output AeroMike III microphone along with the superior audio performance offered by our wide-fidelity ultra-slim helmet speakers.

This headset can be connected to any factory installed motorcycle audio system, now and in the foreseeable future, just by interchanging the lower-section hook-up cord.

Note: "HOOK-UP CORDS" You will need to choose a "P" series lower-section hook-up cord from the chart below for proper connection of this headset to your audio system. Please see Recommended Products on this page.


JMHCPB - Lower Cord fits ALL Honda Goldwings 5-pin

JMHCPBV - Lower 8-Pin Cord w/Volume Control


JMHCPHD - Lower Cord 1998 + Newer Harley 7-pin

JMHCPC - Lower Cord 89-97 Harley 5-pin


JMHCPJM - 1999–2014 w/6-pin system

JMHCPB - 1980–2000 w/5-pin system


JMHCPVT - 2008–2014 w/7-pin system

2 Member Reviews

Harrison, OH
Way to go J&M

I purchased this headset to install on my wife's new HJC IS33 helmet. After getting the install done we tried a com check. The speakers seemed to work, but nothing would come over the mic.. That one problem, the other problem was mic barely made to the corner of her mouth,another problem. So checked connection of mic. boom and the wire comes off the clip attachment,another problem. Got on the phone with J&M, spoke to Andy and explained my dilemma's. Andy stated to ship all back to them minus the speakers..They would repair broken wire and give me a longer boom, no questions asked. J&M fixed this in less 24 hrs,after receiving it, within 48 it was back at my front door. Amazing!!..Installed it on helmet, it works great, boom long enough now..Kudos to J&M, and Andy for prompt courteous service.

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Lawrenceville , GA
Great product, great support!

I called J&M to see if this headset would work with my 2 new Bell EVO helmets and they told me no as the helmet visor control is located exactly where the cord clamp mounts. I decided to purchase one unit to see if I could make it work. I was able to mount the clamp directly behind the visor control but the 7-7/8" microphone that came with the headset was a little too short and only reach to the left of my mouth. I decided it was close enough and I only had to speak a little louder for it to work OK so I ordered the second unit for my additional helmet. I later noticed that J&M sold a longer microphone (9") but it cost more than the headset so I called J&M to see if they would make an even exchange. I had to send an email to John Lazzeroni to approve the exchange and he did. I exchange the microphones and the 9" microphone reached directly in front of my mouth and worked great. This is my first headset so I really can't compare it to others but for me my Goldwing radio sounds great and I can clearly hear my wife speak over the intercom even at high speeds with a lot of wind noise. J&M support was great for working with me to get the best microphones for my helmet.

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