Glove Box Cubby Gloss Black for GL1800 2nd Gen/Honda F6B


Glove Box Cubby Gloss Black for GL1800 2nd Gen/Honda F6B
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Convenience at your fingertips! This stylish Glove Box Cubby has a soft foam cubby that fits snuggly in your glove box. Chrome Trim Top comes with black snap-in lids & there’s an easy access drink holder in the center. The chrome top fastens the same as your stock cover & can be simply interchanged to regain your locked storage. No more fumbling for what you need, it’s all in this stylish cubby!

Note: Resealable containers or bottles are suggested when utilizing cubby Drink Holder.

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Newport, NC

This thing needs a re-design to be just like the inter lid of the factory cover. Otherwise its not worth it your time, unless you are willing to Modify it like I did.

The size is small all the way around by about 1/8th inch or more and looks like very cheap. Also it would be much nicer to be a flat black to match the plastic on the Goldwing.

It is also missing the side tabs that slide into the factory holes. Nothing like the original.

So I took the original lid parts and separated them. With the internal panel I cut the center out of it and ground it down to fit inside the Cubby Lid. I also had to cut the hinge tabs off the new cubby lid first and use the ones from the factory part. They will be bonded with a high grade epoxy.

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I love this product, it holds a water bottle great!
Hard to find a place for the bottle cap, while you are drinking

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Boardman, OH
Good Product

Good idea for this. Nice to have the cup holder. Loose the lock ability if the compartment. The rubber covers are not easy to remove. Hope they are waterproof. Fit is ok it does stick up a bit in the back. May look into handlebar cup holder.

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Suffolk, VA
Looks great!

This was the very first accessory I bought for my first Gen II. I love having the center mounted cup holder and my coffee mug fits perfectly. A 16/20oz bottle fits very well also. However, you lose the ability to lock things in the glovebox with this unit. Both sides of the cubby are covered by rubber inserts that are made to pop out. I am glad I kept the original cover and plan on switching back once I add a handlebar mounted cup holder. The insert makes the side pockets so small my kick stand pad had to be shortened to fit. It works great as a cup holder but not so much if you plan on storing things in the glovebox.

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San Jose, CA
I Don't Ride Without It!!!

This is one of the must useful items I have put on my F6B! Now I always ride with a bottle of water with me to stay hydrated at all times. It is also useful when pulling up to a drive-thru window at a fast food place for a coffee, milkshake, or soda. It takes only 30 seconds to install. The smooth gloss black cover looks a lot better on my Black F6B then the original ruff flat black cover. Well worth the money!

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  • F6B 2013-2017
  • GL1800 2012-2017 (Except Airbag Models)