Touring Rack for Honda Goldwing F6B


Touring Rack for Honda Goldwing F6B
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Constructed of powder-coated high strength but lightweight alloy, BikeMP3's touring rack gives more mounting capacity than the OEM unit. Works with or without the factory backrest.

Note: You can purchase an OEM rack mounting system with pre-drilled cover plates, available on this page under Recommended Products. You must have either a factory backrest fitted or buy the optional OEM mounts.


6 Member Reviews

Awesome rack

Kind of like the wife's! No really this was easy to install and fits perfect. Looks like it came from the factory but with more surface area than OEM. Would recommend to anyone needing a little extra space to strap on a bag.

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Masontowv, WV
Best Rack Currently Available for the F6B Goldwing

I looked everywhere for a luggage rack to prep my new F6B Goldwing for an upcoming trip to Virginia Beach. Although the F6B has somewhat adequate storage space in the two built in hard side luggage bags I was wanting a well built luggage rack to accomodate an expandable leather luggage bag for extra items such as riding coats, rain gear and gloves. The OEM Honda rack that was available looked like a good option because it compliments the design of F6B but it was just a little too narrow to accomodate the expandable luggage bag that I already had for my Honda VTX 1800. I wanted to use that existing bag and I also wanted something that matched the custom built six inch backrest extension that I designed and had fabricated to lift the OEM backrest higher for my girlfriend's riding comfort. The luggage rack fit the bill perfectly and really compliments the lines of the F6B better than any other rack that I could find that is currently available for this fully BLACKED-OUT bagger. The luggage rack only took about 10 minutes to install and the black powdercoat finish was good except for a small scratch around one of the mounting holes. I do not think that the scratch occurred during the powdercoat process but instead looks like it may have occurred during shipping since there was a hole in the cardboard box and bubblewrap that the luggage rack was shipped in (Thanks again FEDEX). The four included plastic plugs that snap securely into place over the mounting bolts are a good idea that really finishes off the overall looks of this luggage rack. There are only two things that I did not like about this item. These two things are (1)the plastic spacers and (2)stainless steel bolts used to mount the luggage rack to the existing backrest mount. The bolts are the correct length and diameter but the bolt heads required a washer to keep them from possibly slipping through the mounting holes on the luggage rack itself. I think the bolt heads should be the same size as the ones used for the OEM backrest mount. Although the spacers for the four mounting bolts are plastic and smaller in diameter than I think they should be, I think that they will hold up and last for the life of the luggage rack. I would have preferred to see the spacers made from steel or aluminum with a black powdercoat finish in a larger diameter to match the backrest mounting holes and offer a little more strength. I will probably have my local metal fabricator who made my backrest extension make those spacers for me this winter while the bike is in storage. With that being said, we packed the luggage bag to its limits and the luggage rack did its job flawlessly as I figured it would based on other reviews I had read before deciding to go with this model. It supports larger luggage bags without them hanging over the sides and rear as well as giving you four points for attaching bungee cords or straps to secure your luggage. I also was pleasantly surprised over how many compliments we got on how well the luggage rack and backrest extension looked on the bike and the fact that most people thought that it was an original OEM part that came with the F6B. If you are looking for a good , solid, well-built luggage rack for your F6B Goldwing quit looking and buy this one from will not be disappointed.

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Mississauga, CA
Very Good Rack

I have used this rack extensively this summer on some long trips. I can carry a good size bag without the worry of it hanging over and rubbing on the paint.
It looks great on the bike. There are many tie down points. I am happy with it.

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William D
Shiloh, GA
Bikemp3 rack

Just put one on my F6b.Very nice rack.Same price as Honda and twice as big.Looks factory.

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Roseville, CA
Best Carrier for the F6B

I purchased this directly from BikeMP3 before Wingstuff started carrying it. This is without a doubt the very best rear carrier you can get for your F6B, much better than the $200 OEM version, now it comes with black filler plugs to finish off the bolt mounting holes for a smooth looking install, you can't go wrong with this unit.

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