KH Hi Flow Radiator Screens for GL1800

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KH Hi Flow Radiator Screens for GL1800
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Have you ever wondered why the GL1800's radiator protection (inlet grill) has larger openings than the openings on the GL1500? The GL1800 inlet grill openings of 1 1/4" x 5/8" offers very little protection from damage. This damage occurs on the engine side of the radiators and cannot be seen without removing the radiator. A dirty or bug-damaged radiator restricts the air flow necessary to keep your engine cool. The KH Radiator Screens are made of black high density polyethylene with 1/4" x 1/4" openings. They are easy to install and do not affect the appearance of your bike. 

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Rick & Joanie
Wesley Chapel, FL
Another type of Insurance

This only makes sense to use to keep all the insects and stones from getting into the radiator. Makes the holes smaller, but shouldn't cut down on the air flow. So easy to insert----all of 5-10 minutes. They send "twisties" for you to use to keep them in place. I found more confidence in using a zip tie. Just make sure you make it into a fishhook design before trying to guide it in and around.

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Kurt S
Xenia, OH
Proactive Protection for your GL1800 Radiator

When I first saw this product, I thought that this was just a marketing gimmick. But when I had my first air filter change at 25K miles, the amount of inset and debris lodged in the filter was excessive. I purchased these customized screens and they installed in less than 15 minutes.

The two plastic screens snap in front of the existing air filter screens. A plastic tie is inserted between the two screens which hold them in place. After installation, it is apparent that any moths, rocks, sticks, etc will be prevented from entering into the radiator system and fan.

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Big John
Monterey, CA
Cheap insurance

After doing a rad change due to a big rock getting in I got a set. Took all of 5 min to install. Only negative was they came with only one tie each. I used two. Trick tip..... Bend the end of the zip tie like a fish hook/ J. That way you push it threw & pull it back... You can then pull the tip out easy. Also I used a extra zip tie on the bottom to match the curve.

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Sterling, VA
Unsure Effective

Not yet sure if they will make a difference. Got them because I had hole in right radiator due to rock.

Not too bad to install. Just getting the tie through holes took a while. Fat fingers me.

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