LED Signal Mirror Kits For Goldwing F6B

Muth Mirrors

LED Signal Mirror Kits For Goldwing F6B
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One left and one right hand 7-Red or 7-Amber LEDs Signal Mirror® assembly, plug-and-play wire harnesses, and installation instructions. Please choose from the drop-down menu on this page.

Plug-and-play harness for North American Models only; Does not fit the standard Goldwing model. This kit has a 5 business day lead-time


2 Member Reviews

Great product

I had my mirrors installed more than five years ago. These mirrors were one of the first items installed when I purchased my bike. Not only do the mirrors perform well the built in turn signals adds a sense of beauty and an element of safety. The lights embedded in the mirrors flashes at eye level of the vehicles to your left or right. Motorist often spoke highly of the how the mirror lights capture their attention. With over five years of use the mirrors still maintain off the shelve reflectiveness. I have cleaned them several times with no degradation of quality.

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LOVE these mirrors

Not only did I add Muth signal mirrors to my new 2013 Honda F6B...but I also had them make them HEATED mirrors, which I consider to be a safety item, because it keeps the mirrors clear in fog, dew, and mostly clear in rain too.

I love that the signal LEDs are aimed toward cars that may be alongside me...rather than having the LEDs facing the motorcycle rider. The cars beside me can see the bright LEDs, but they do not blind me or distract me.

After 6 previous Honda Goldwings of various years and CC's, I wish that I had not waited all these years to buy these Muth Signal Mirrors, but happy that I now have them, and "mine" are the Muth HEATED Signal Mirrors.

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