Universal Black LED Battery Gauge


Universal Black LED Battery Gauge
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Unfortunately, most riders find their charging system has failed when they end up broken down on the side of the road. A little advanced warning can keep you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Our L.E.D. Battery Gauge is an array of L.E.D.s indicating the operating voltage of the bikes electrical system. Green L.E.D.s represent the normal operating range of your charging system, 12.5v to 14.5v. Amber L.E.D.s warn the rider that the bike is not charging. Simple two-wire connection and a compact size (about 2" x 3/4" x3/16") make installation a breeze. A daylight sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the L.E.D.s. They are bright during the day for visibility and dim at night so as not to blind the rider.


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Woodbridge, VA
Easy Voltage Monitor

I have one of these LED battery gauges on my last three bikes and have never had one fail. On my 2008 Goldwing, I mounted the black version just below the left corner of the right front speaker - basically, opposite of where the lever for the foot warmers is located on the left side. In that position, I can see the gauge by glancing forward and down when riding. A small hole was drilled for the power wire, which I ran across to the wiring for the 12 volt connector in the left fairing pocket. Easy modification to do.

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Springfield, IL
Good gauge, easy install

Nice little gauge, well built, easy 10 min. install. Mounted below the handlebars, no problem with weather or vibration. VERY BRIGHT LED's s be sure to mount it somewhere that won't distract you while riding!

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Danville, CA
Piece of mind

Easy install. Mounted right under the ignition switch on my 12.

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Bremerton, WA
Good little meter

I put this on the frame on the left side of the steering head like on the video. It works well and indicates as advertised when I checked it against a volt meter. I connected it to the power outlet in the left faring pocket and used a 2 pin connector from Radio Shack so I could disconnect it from the harness if I needed to for removal of the faring parts. I will asses it after the rain starts next week here in Washington to let you know if it holds up in the rain. If it survives the rain, then it gets a 5. I did use a little RTV to seal around the base prior to installation.

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beaverton, OR
this is slick

a crumy red light is all honda thinks we need
instead of installing a true volt gauge.
what a ripoff.installed this in 5 min.
take off glove box and installed wires
to wires for lighter electric connection.
works better than i thought poss.
pay attention mr honda.my sec gen goldwings cost a load
of cash,quit shortchanging your customers

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