Mens Cortech Full Airflow Summer Gloves

Tour Master

Mens Cortech Full Airflow Summer Gloves
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Motorcycle Air Flow Gloves by Tourmaster are the ultimate hot weather riding glove. Super comfortable and flexible, feature breathable mesh top providing superb air-flow ventilation for Hot Summer Riding. Available in Mens Size XS-3XL.

  • Great Gloves for the Hottest Days for both Mens or Ladies
  • Breathable mesh top material provides ventilation and flexibility
  • Integrated Armor-Link mesh panel for increased ventilation
  • Amara palm material is ergonomically configured to increase grip comfort
  • Flexible Neoprene cuff and Velcro? flap closure
  • Armor-Link finger side panels allow for additional airflow
  • Articulated Amara? knuckle panel with foam padding for protection

2 Member Reviews

Buying my second pair

Well, I bought these gloves for me and my wife a couple of years ago and they have been just fine. Buying my second pair tonight. I ride approx. 15,000-20,000 miles a year, so I have used them a lot. They have held up fine and seem to me to be a good set of spring/summer/early fall kind of gloves for me where I live (Georgia). So for me...for less than $30, I am happy with them.

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Waller, TX
Don't waste your money

I bought a pair of these on June 27, 2013. By the end of September (just 3 months later) the palm of the left glove was worn completely through - I can see the palm of my hand through the glove. The worst of the wear is between the reinforcement and the thumb, but the worn part extends over to and into the base of the thumb as well. I ride regularly but not excessively, so to have these last only 3 months is just wrong. I have had other gloves that lasted for more than 3 years...3 months is pitiful and I urge you to not waste your money on these.

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