Adapter Kit for SC2000


Adapter Kit for SC2000
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Want the easiest and most simple way to secure your bike? Condor motorcycle support & transportation solutions provide a fully adjustable wheel locking system capable of accommodating almost any motorcycle. The patented locking mechanism effortlessly & securely supports the motorcycle in an upright position. This makes tying down a motorcycle a simple & easy task for one person. 

We are so impressed with Condor Products, we use them in our company trailers for safe & secure transport of our motorcycles.

Note for CONDOR®  Trailer-Only Trailer Adaptor Kit (#923): The Trailer-Only Chock (#922) comes with this mounting kit, with 2 steel plates and the hardware to attach it to your trailer, pickup truck & table top lift. But if you need an EXTRA kit so you can mount the Trailer-Only Chock in a different spot on your trailer, or to transfer the chock to a different trailer of lift table, you can order this kit separately.


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