Cobra 6-Into-6 Slip On Muffler Chrome for F6B, GL1800 2nd Gen


Cobra 6-Into-6 Slip On Muffler Chrome for F6B, GL1800 2nd Gen
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Cobra 6 into 6 Slip On Mufflers for Honda F6B also fit the later model GL1800 Goldwing 2nd Generation. These Cobra mufflers emphasize the six cylinders that power the classic Gold Wing engine. Cobra six-into-two-into-six slip-on mufflers for the F6B and Gold Wing look & sound amazing. Each have three separate bodies on each side giving bike six pipes total. 

Each of the three pipes on each muffler ties into a three-into-one collector that in itself is a marvel of engineering and production. 

  • Gigantic, clover-leaf shaped collector locks each tube into the perfect position, and a system of unseen brackets ties the pipes together at the rear. 
  • Cobra designed this system so that each pipe's arced bend matches that of the bike's bags, creating perfect visual symmetry. 
  • The ends also feature a radical slash cut giving them an even sportier look. If you can imagine the muscular growl of a high-performance Porsche at full throttle, you have the tone these mufflers produce. 
  • While louder than stock, they are still well within acceptable sound levels. And the tonal quality now matches the performance of the bike itself.


* Exhaust & Related Performance Products Are For Closed Course Competition Use Only. Not Intended for Street Use in California.

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The Walrus
Cobra exhaust. 4 star for leaking clamps

Just installed and have about 300mi on them. Yes I would do it again!

Clamps: Pictures don't show it, but the 2 lower pipes are connected by the same clamps used to connect pipes to the Cats. Not welded. All 4 of mine leaked. I called Cobra and they said to torque them down, but don't have torque specs. Just tighten till they break. I'm at 35ft lbs now and still dripping. I'll go up in increments and see if it stops or the clamp threads stretch out.

Drone: as they say, subjective. I like the sound with all baffles in, took one out and it buzzed in my ears. It does make a steady exhaust note that hums, which I like, but I can see where it can cause problems. Rather than torque loops again, I plan to cut and seal the crossover tube between the Cats.

Looks: Man 6 exhaust pipes look Sweet! The chrome is gleaming and bright, no pits or bubbles etc. I went with chrome as it stands out against the bike. Traded my black pipes to a GWRRA friend and got his chrome front heat shield in exchange. He likes black pipes and they look awesome on his '13 red F6. And sound better than stock '13 pipes due to mods made for the '15 exhaust.

Install: a breeze. For some reason the right side took a bit longer to align, but actually putting on the pipes was easy with a friend to help support one end.

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Lincoln, NE
Drone noise

When changing mufflers you must remove the catalytic converter and install torue loopz to remove the drone noise. Be careful not to damage the oxygen sensors wiring when doing this. Great rewards when done right.

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W Tom
Richmond Hill, GA
Cobra installed on 2015 Honda F6B

I only have about 1,000 miles on these pipes, and can pass along two thoughts: They look awsome! My F6B is the new black/flat grey, and the chrome exhaust pieces from the fake manafolds back looks perfect.
On the other hand, I'm planning to remove these pipes and return to my OEM, or another manufacturer as the DRONE is too much to deal with. A smaller issue is that the section just inside the muffler has begun to look rusty after a few, short months.
They're great if you're riding with Harleys or for under an hour. Otherwise, they just can't be dealt with over 200 mile trips...

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Eagar , AZ
cobra 6 into 6 mufflers

I installed these on my 2013 Gold Wing last week. I have had only one chance to ride it but it was about 120 miles, mostly highway. the installation was super easy. If you are old and have weak arthritic hands,like me, then a buddy can help squeeze the heat shields. they look and sound awesome. I have already had lots of compliments on the looks and sound. Between 50-70MPH there seems to be a little bit of a drone, but I have been riding quiet, so I don't mind. they are pretty quiet at idle, but the sound picks up quickly. I love these mufflers, and I think I can feel a little extra power. Haven't had the miles to check fuel mileage for improvements, but really don't care! Thanks again Wingstuff and Cobra!!

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San Antonio, TX
Cobra 6 into 6 Pipes on a Generation 1 Goldwing (2008)

Okay, I've got them and they are installed. You can check out my Picture.

Sounds great, I have to get use to the sound after ridding years in silence. They sound great and look incredible on the bike. I like the fact that they extend 2 - 3 inches beyond the side bags. However they just barely extend beyond the rear passenger bag.

Only con, is there is a constant low humming sound when wearing full face or a 3 quarter helment that's going to take a little getting use to. Due to the rain I haven't been able to really open it up so I'm not sure if it goes away at hwy speeds. But I will find out on Monday.

If you like the bike and miss the pipes, get these. They won't give you that Harley or VTX sound but it will be an improvement from the remote car sound.

Ride Free, Safe, and Friendly

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