17" Windshield for GL1800


 17" Windshield for GL1800
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  • DOT Approved Motorcycle Windshield
  • 17" Tall.  Measurement is taken in the center of the shield from bottom to top. 
  • Visible measurement when mounted from the rubber fairing trim to the top of the shield is 9-1/2" when Goldwing slides are down and 13-1/2" when Goldwing slides are up.
  • Made from 3/16” Aircraft Grade Lucite®  acrylic- the industry's leader in clarity and quality
  • .052” thicker than OEM windshield offering increased strength

1 Member Reviews

bad shield mold

looks great...BUT...the slide washers holes were made to close together...and the slide holes are to big for the slide washers...oh wait they were made big on purpose so you would have to pull real hard side ways after you loosely put all screws in so you could pop all screws into the slots...well the shield is down...because all the mounting hardware is binding and will not allow it to slide up and down easely...I would not buy a another shield from this company...you are better taking a chance cutting down the original shield...at least it will slide up and down

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