Gloss Black Premium Mini Boards w/ Comfort Drop Mounts


Gloss Black Premium Mini Boards w/ Comfort Drop Mounts
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All the great benefits of a floorboard in a smaller more affordable package! The 3/4" drop-style mount, with interlocking splines, provides more legroom & slight angle adjust-ability for added comfort. Maintain stock-like ground clearance for optimum control.

(5-1/2" long x 4" wide)


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Buy the chrome version of the mini floorboards

I would give it a negative star if I could.

They can keep these "Gloss Black Premium" mini floorboards. The paint is NOT "premium". Functionally they work OK, but as for a long lasting painted finish, forgetaboutit. The paint will quickly wear where ever your boot touches the paint.

If you want a long lasting finish, buy the chrome version. I don't know how they can sell this painted crap. They should just pull them off the market.

I bought them to match the black theme of the F6B, but they're just not worth it in "Gloss Black Premium" paint finish. You'll be sorry you bought them and didn't get the chrome version.

I wish I could return them and get the chrome ones.

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I wear a size 15 shoe and had trouble with my shifter and my foot brake. These mini boards are the trick, they allowed me to move the board back and they have a 3/4 inch drop. Now I have no problems. My F6B is even more comfortable now.

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  • GL1800 2001-2013
  • F6B 2013