Chillout Windproof Knee Warmers


Chillout Windproof Knee Warmers
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All Chillout Clothing is Unisex! Two-wheel transport can provide some of the most hostile environments the human body ever has to encounter. At 0 deg C , the wind chill factor at just 24mph is approximately minus 16 degrees C. Add to that the impact of rain at high speeds and it is easy to see how a rider's concentration could be adversely affected.

The all-new OXFORD ChillOut range of Essential Lifetime Clothing uses the very latest in sportswear technology to keep riders warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm, helping them to keep their concentration focused on the road rather than on their discomfort. CHILLTEX is an extraordinary material, both tough and gentle at the same time. Waterproof, Windproof and Breathable, it also has an insulating fleece lining, which is gentle on the skin. CHILLTEX is used on OXFORD ChillOut clothing wherever there is risk of wind chill or rain affecting the rider.



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