Ergo III Chrome Adjustable Arm Cruise Mount w/ Dually Pegs


Ergo III Chrome Adjustable Arm Cruise Mount w/ Dually Pegs
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The ultimate cruise peg system designed for the rider who wants it all! Maximum comfort while cruising & the ability to carve up the corners. Featuring Automatic Lift Technology, the rider can push the peg lower to stretch out while cruising, then when not in use the arm automatically raises to maintain cornering clearance (or mount in fixed position if preferred).

No Matter How Tall Or Short The Rider, Our Ergo III Will Outfit You.

A full 4" of front to back adjustability & a rotational adjustable mounting hub accommodates any rider for an unmatched level of comfort.


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Federal Way, WA
Very Nice! Feels like riding a La Z Boy Recliner

I spent the extra for the ones that retract up some when you take your feet off. They are very nice. Good quality. Install was not bad, Take your time. Be prepared that you may have to re-do some of it to get it "Dialed in" to your comfort. It is not bad tho. Instructions could be better. Multiple adjustments make these nice. You will need to get some Blue Loc-Tite for some of the hardware. It is not included. They look sharp too. I have pics on my profile page.

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Get Them Now - Don't Wait!

I have been holding off and finally got a pair for a 1,400 mile ride. Took off on the ride and was not sure what to expect. The first day was over 600 miles. WOW is all I can say, what a difference they made. They are worth every penny if you do any long distance rides. I love how they automatically lift up for cornering and the ability to adjust them to your personal leg length.

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I've tried them all, these are the best so far.

These are by far the best of all worlds. I love how they flip back out of the way when you take your feet off reducing the possibility of dragging in the turns. I highly recommend some locktite in the threads once you've found your "go to" favorite position.

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Great idea

Purchased them about a month ago. Could not ask for a better fit. No more peg dragging, if you get you feet off them in extreme leans. Pretty much impossible to not find a comfortable position. Easy install.

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Pueblo West, CO
ergo 3 pegs

to the person asking, I weigh 210lbs I think the pegs will work as long as you don't try to stand on them. they work very well the biggest problem is forgetting they sit so low in a hard corner, but they pop right up out of the way.

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