3-Pc Deluxe Carpet + 3-Pc Luggage Liner COMBO for GL1800 2nd Gen


3-Pc Deluxe Carpet + 3-Pc Luggage Liner COMBO for GL1800 2nd Gen
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This combo is for the GL1800 2012-2016 models. An amazing deal on some of the best quality luggage items for the GL1800 available. Includes 3pc Deluxe Luggage Liners with reinforced corners AND includes a 2012-2014 3pc Deluxe Carpet Set, you get BOTH at an Amazing Package Price! You won't find a deal like this anywhere else, most companies charge more for just the luggage liners alone, our COMBO includes BOTH and are far better than any other brand.

Deluxe 3pc Inner Luggage Liners - Deluxe 3pc Inner Luggage Liners are premium bags with tough synthetic leather reinforced corner edges and bottom. All bags feature handy carry straps for easy loading or un-loading. Saddlebag Liners feature outside storage pockets with velcro closure while the Trunk Liner has two large outside storage pockets with velcro closure. Bags also have a handy zipper style pocket inside each bag.

3pc Deluxe Carpets Kits for GL1800 2nd Gen 2012-2014 feature thick, high quality carpets with a WingStuff embroidered logo. Creates a clean, finished look while preventing items from moving around inside your trunk & saddlebags. Also feature a non-slip rubber backing.


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Graham, NC
Great value combo

I ordered these bags and carpet with Wingstuff's combo. The carpet seem to be excellent quality and fit perfectly. The side bags go to that go into the side case were much larger than I had anticipated and I believe on my upcoming four day weekend I can pack in them alone for my trip to Daytona Florida. All of the bags seem of high-quality as they are lined, have lots of pockets, and may even be somewhat water resistant as the liners seemed rubberized. The set was a great value.

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Orange, TX
Luggage liner and Carpet combo

These bags are well made. They have reinforced corners and are holding up well. We use them even when not on the bike. Makes a great overnight bad and the trunk bag works great for shoes...
The carpet also fits well and looks great.

I would recommend this combo set.

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Luggage Liners are for GL1500 and GL1800

The carpet is an exact fit for the trunk and bags of a 2014 GL1800 gen2 and look good.
The luggage liners are small and not an exact fit for the gen2 Wings. The trunk is between 24" & 25" wide and the luggage liner width is 20.5". The saddle bags are approx. 25" wide and the luggage liners are 14.5" wide. The depth on both Luggage Liners is okay.
You could always use a stuff bags in the areas not used by the Luggage liners.
The title for this combo "Deluxe Carpet + Luggage Liner COMBO for GL1800 2nd Gen" would lead you to think that the carpet and luggage liners are a fit for the gen2. When I received the Luggage liners, the box said that they were for a GL1500 and GL1800 (pn: WSGL183). The written description does not say that the Luggage liners are specifically made for the gen2 GL1800.

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North Branford, CT
rugs are awsome, bags are very good

These items are all top quality for the $$ so why 4 instead of 5 stars?

Rugs are incredible, well made and cut perfect. Alone, they are 5 stars easy.

The bags are also very well made, they miss on the fit of the compartments a bit. Could be that they fit the gen 1 gl1800 better than the gen 2 because there is the space left in the rear corner of the side bag. Also, the item that provides a firm base does not fit exact or have a way to lock it in. Not really enough to complain, they are very very good for the money.

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Kapiti Coast, NZ
For the Goldwing owner who has everything ........

Yep, if you have everything else then, of course, you need to have carpet in your luggage compartments and bags to fit. The carpets are a lovely addition and nicely cover the bare plastic bottoms of the luggage compartments. They fit really well. The bags are sturdy and well made, although we have yet to "road test" them. No complaints.

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