S-100 Hondabrite Total Cycle Cleaner


S-100 Hondabrite Total Cycle Cleaner
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S100 has been the premiere name in motorcycle care for over twenty years. Since their importation from Germany in 1984, they have taken the American motorcycle community by storm.

The difference between S100 motorcycle cleaners and other products on the market is the synthetic detergent-based cleaning agents. Prior to S100, all cycle cleaners were made with lye or acid. These ingredients may remove some grime, but they leave white stains on metal.

Degreasers will provide more cleaning power, but they are detrimental to plastic, rubber, and vinyl. S100 motorcycle products contain none of these ingredients or harsh solvents, and they actually perform better than the competition. Bikers took notice and S100 has been leading the pack ever since. S100 is the best all-over motorcycle cleaner you can buy.

Cleans into every nook & cranny of your bike to thoroughly clean without scrubbing & simply washes off with water making your bike super clean.

Cleans an entire motorcycle in just minutes.

Removes dirt, oil, road grime, insects.

Cleans paint, chrome, alloy, rubber.

Easy to spray on and hose off with water. Genuine Hondabrite S-100? Total Cycle Cleaner is available in a 20 oz. size including spray top or 32oz. Refill size without spray top.  Note - Ship via ground transportation only, air shipping not available due to air regulations.

Ships via ground transportation in USA lower 48 states only, air shipping not available due to air regulations. We are not able to ship internationally or to Canada due to shipping regulations.

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Vacaville, CA
OK Stuff

OK if you use a high power sprayer. If you just use the water hose with a garden nozzle, you'll end up washing your M/C by hand.

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Okotoks, CA
The stuff is amazing

Spray it on (I gave it a little help with a car brush) and hose it off. I've never seen my wheels look better. SO EASY. Highly recommended.

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Even though the bottle says Honda bright, it is an S100 cleaner.

I've used both brands and they work the same. The S100 brand is a little cheaper to purchase, probably because of honda's mark-up. It is a great cleaner that you can spray on your whole bike and hose off with plain water. I then follow up with a generous spray of Protect-all and follow up with a micro-fiber toweling. When you are done, you have a clean and protected (UV) bike with a nice finish.

S-100 is safe for all surfaces, but REMEMBER TO ONLY USE IT IN A SHADY SPOT in moderate to cool temperatures. It can clean aluminum wheels of brake dust and the nasty film that builds up from a damp riding day.

I like this product, and in conjunction with Protect-all it makes an ideal detailing / cleaning / waxing solution for your bike.

I only gave it 4 stars because of the honda mark-up on the price.

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Gadsden, AL

A sure-fire time save, back saver and e-z to use product. As it says, just spray and rinse. If you take care of your Wing like you should, this is just the cleaner you'll need to spend more time ridin' and less time washin'!!

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