Premium Mini Boards w/ Comfort Drop Mounts


Premium Mini Boards w/ Comfort Drop Mounts
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All the great benefits of a floorboard in a smaller more affordable package! The 3/4" drop-style mount, with interlocking splines, provides more legroom & slight angle adjust-ability for added comfort. Maintain stock-like ground clearance for optimum control.

(5-1/2" long x 4" wide)


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Work great

Much more comfortable than pegs. I highly recommend trying these before spending the cash for the longer boards. I'm 6'2' with size 13's feet. The comfort drop mounts are great.

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New Albany, OH

I was going to order these from WS then I realized my local Iron Pony store 5 miles away might have them and sure enough they did. There was a section of this super store that I rarely walked through because I previously owned a sport bike. Luckily, most of the products offered on WS I can walk right in and purchase and install same day :-)

These little buys do the trick. I had to angle the left side down a little like everyone else is mentioning in order to get your foot under to shift through the gears, but it still feels much better than stock. I recommend these to anyone wanting something different and better than the stock pegs.

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Yallambie, AU
Kuryakyn Mini Boards

So Superior to OME pegs, with the extra surface area you can move your feet/legs around a bit more, no more boot dragging on the road in the corners I went for the whole package/upgrade, Kuryakyn mini boards, chrome foot peg mounts with a 3/4" drop, trident wide brake pedal, chrome wide kick stand & chrome spring I'm 6.2 with big boots and only needed slightly tilt the mini boards forward My 2013 Winga looks great .. ! Thanks WingStuff

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San Diego, CA
Very Comfortable

These floorboards added another level of comfort; more than I had with after market pegs, which were more comfortable than the stock pegs. I had difficulty fitting my toe under the shifter, so I adjusted the forward tilt down a bit, but it was still difficult. (I wear size 10.5 Wolverine boots.) I didn't want to adjust the floorboard too far from level, so I added a toe/heel shifter and removed its front peg. That made the needed difference. I noticed the mounting bolt on the left floorboard became loose on the first ride, so I used a drop of medium strength thread lock and tightened it a little more. On long rides, I need to stretch occasionally while riding, so I regularly check the mounting bolt now just to be safe. I highly recommend these floorboards.

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Jacobus, PA
As advertised

These boards are a good investment. Definitely a noticeable change in available surface area while not taking up the space of a full floorboard. As some others have mentioned, you may have to try out the different spline positions to accommodate your foot size or shifting style.

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