Passenger Volume Control w/CB Talk Button

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Passenger Volume Control w/CB Talk Button
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GL1800 Passenger Push to Talk has both Intercom Volume Control & CB Push to Talk Button. Allows passenger to talk on CB like the rider. Easy plug and play installation!

Note - Will not plug into a PB style lower J&M Cord found on the HSBCD174,257,277,KHH Series headsets, works fine with any Z" Elite Style Lower Cord found on Elite Headsets like HSECD477 or 584 in FL,OF,AOF,FF with J&M Lower Cord HCZB. Small, compact design will not interfere with passengers comfort when not in use. Audio Controller features easy plug and play installation into the stock harness beneath the seat of the GL1800.

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Sandy, UT
Looks like a wiring mess on your bike

This is the ugliest thing on my bike! If you like your Goldwing to look good with OEM accessories, do not buy this. You can’t hide the cords. It looks like you have stuck something on your bike with bubblegum that shouldn’t be there.

The cord/plug to the headset is too short so it sticks out. You can’t tuck the cord away like the OEM cord/plug does. On the other end of the box, you have to run this cord around or down the passenger seat handle grip. It looks like you have put extension cords on this handle.

Yes, the plug that goes to your headset is extremely poor and cheap. It is very hard to plug into it and the cap doesn’t fit at all.

I must really love my wife to keep this monstrosity on what was my beautiful Goldwing.

Show Chrome you should be ashamed of yourselves. Go back to the drawing board and make a box where both cords come out the same end. Then you can tuck the cords away to the rear of the seat so you don’t see them.

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Las Vegas, NV
Very poor quality

I had this on my 2015 for less than 3 months and suddenly started getting static and poor sound quality in the passenger headset, and I was unable to hear my wife talking to me from her headset. I disconnected this unit and everything works fine, it went directly to the trash.

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Moore, OK
Poor plug quality

This was installed on my bike for 3 years. The volume controller prooved to be of no value. There was no time my passenger ever wanted a lower volume than I had and it doesn't allow the passenger to select a higher volume. The push to talk feature is fine and there were no issues at all with sound. The biggest negative is the plug receptacle. It doesn't quite fit the holder on the bike when not in use and sometimes falls out (minor issue). The worst problem is that the plug is very stiff and it's a real chore to get the J&M helmet plug into it. For these reasons I have removed it and will get just a factory push to talk button instead.

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Cape May Area, NJ
ok for the price

as the other reviews works ok but the cap does not fit or stay on. this is the second one i had to buy with in 2 years and i bought this one in Feb. 2012 and this is starting to do the same as the first one.. static in the head sets. this time i will be going to the OEM Honda line. will spend $ 30.00 more but i did my research and well worth the money.

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Livermore, KY
Good Product

Had no problem installing, end cap is loose fitting, wife likes being able to control the volume. Volume switch is touchee you must turn it a very small amount to control volume.

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