iPhone 5 Non-Tubular Motorcycle Mount Holder


iPhone 5 Non-Tubular Motorcycle Mount Holder
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Non-Tubular Handlebar Mount Only. Fits all Gold Wings.

Thanks to a precise tightening system with a micro adjustable belt locking strap, this phone mount offers the highest degree of stability on non-tubular handlebars found on touring motorcycles and scooters. The rubber strap provided with the system is applied along the inside of a belt equipped with ultra-fine adjustment capability and protects the handlebar from scuff marks. The sturdy eyelet on the end of the belt with ultra-fine adjustment allows the user to pull on the belt gradually until the mounting system reaches its most stable, final position. The system for adjusting the support bracket permits precise regulation of the angle at which the snap-on bayonet clip is pointed and is designed for use with dedicated products in the Interphone line. The SSCiPhone system is easily removable for use on other motorcycles and is equipped with a quick-release for rapid removal of the case.

Waterproof case for carrying iPhone 5® on motorcycles and bicycles. A very sturdy external housing and shock-proof internal rubber shell provide the iphone with total protection. The mounting bracket with safety closure is adjustable over a full 360° so you can arrange your iPhone in the best position possible. All iPhone 5 functions are available with the phone in the case, including the touch screen functions, plugging in the earphones, and using the battery charger.


Durable waterproof case - Keeps the iPhone 5 safe from rain and mud, while maintaining full functionality.

Mounts to non-tubular handlebars - Easy mounting via the included adjustable rubber strap that has anti-scratch coating.

Quick Release - The case can be disengaged from the strap mount which can be left on the motorcycle.

Maintains Usability - The touch screen friendly screen protector and rubberized buttons allow full use of the phone.

What's Included

Hard Case for iPhone 5

Adjustable belt strap system for mounting on non-tubular handlebars

Safety band


2 Member Reviews

Macon, GA
Very Loose

Not sure where the other reviewer installed this. I tried to install on the handlebars. The mount is basically a big zip tie but since the handlebars are tapered I never was able to get this to stay snug. It was always get loose and flop around. There is output from the case for one cord so you can route a cord to the earphone jack or to the iPhone charger but not both. Overall, I just found the attachment to the handlebar to sloppy. I would not recommend this.

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Panama City, FL

Install was easy appeares to work as described phone fits nice and snug when charger is pluged in but there was no cut out slot for the axu adapter plug making closing it hard so i cut out a slot to make it fit snug and close nice and tight havent rode with it yet will update again later if there r any issues after that.Four star because there should have been two cut out slots for both charger and aux adapter.

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