Avon Cobra Tire Combo for GL1800 Goldwing


Avon Cobra Tire Combo for GL1800 Goldwing
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Avon Cobra Radial Tires COMBO (Pair) Fits  GL1800 and includes a front and rear at super low pricing. These Gold Wing motorcycle tires are designed specifically for the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle. 

Feature advanced Variable Belt Density, improving grip and stability with a larger contact patch. Enhanced Aqua Flow tread gives optimal water dispersal and are designed for the demands of your powerful Gold Wing motorcycle, offering superb handling and high mileage.

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Fullerton, CA
Avon tires

This is the first time using Avon tires and I'm glad I switched. They have a great road feel and don't misdirect when hitting tar snakes like my more popular last set of tires. I will be buying these again. Wingstuff shipped the tires very quickly, much quicker than I had anticipated. Thank you.

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Schertz, TX
Cobra RifiK

I have a 2009 Goldwing that I bought used, got 25000 miles on the tires that came with the bike, my next set of tires I put 27699 miles on. Searching for a quieter tire I got the Cobra's, I have 5000 miles on my Cobra's and could not be more pleased with them. No sign of any tire wear, coupled with a lot less road noise makes them a winner in my book. I don't regret not getting another set of my old tires.

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McKinney, TX
Confidence inspiring tires

I have only used the Dunlaps and Bridgestones on my big bikes, but when I saw the great price on these AVons in February, I decided to give them a try. Many years ago, I rode on Avons a lot. So far with about 2500 miles on them, I am very pleased. They still look almost new. They are very quiet and smooth. Did some rain riding in South Dakota in July and they felt in control the whole time. Installed by my dealer and seem to be balanced very well. And I like the tread pattern. A little more sport bike look to them. Five stars for now. Will update on wear after I get some more mileage.

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Jasper, TX

I have used my corbras for two years now and still love the action of them. I do how ever use the beads in them to get more milage. The best thing about the crobras is the way the glue the bike to the road. I have little fears of cornering in wet roads. Not with my crobras on my wing. Best investment.

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Dundas, CA
Super grip for Spirited Riding

I'm now on my second pair of Cobras (fourth rear tire) and have not had issues with cupping or uneven wear. I run 41 psi front & rear (240 lb rider, no passenger) and have reached 30K km (20K miles) on the front and 15K km (10K miles) on the rears. I love the way they make the wing handle like a sport bike in all weather and seasons. I regularly go on week long trips in both hot and cold weather (down to 32°F). I've had E3s and while they last a bit longer, the corning and wet weather traction is not as good. I will be buying the Cobras again.

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