Silver Primoshield Half Cover


Silver Primoshield Half Cover
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These are so small and compact yet easy to use all the time to protect your bike! Kuryakyn Silver Half Covers are quick and easy to protect your bike from the sun, rain, dust, and dirt that may otherwise harm your touring bike! Soft lining protects your windshield and fairing from abrasion and fits all Honda Goldwings. An elastic hem helps the cover fit snugly along with reinforced grommets with shock cords provide additional security.

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Very Nice cover!!

I needed a good cover for my bike because of where I work. Tons of birds and even Seagulls always flying around.
This fits the bill. Highly recommended!

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Ripley, TN
Very Stong

I bought this the day I bought my bike in 2012 and been on it every day I ride my bike to work and been in the rain and sun and still works perfect.

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Pflugerville, TX
Never a problem

I've used this cover for 5 years. It's been put through the wind & rain test many times and it's still going strong. It's protected my bike through storms with winds in excess of 60mph. I'll buy another one IF it ever fails.

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neptune, NJ
Out of Sight Out of Mind and Protection

agree with Jim and I covered the metal hooks, While exploring or sight seeing it keeps my top end covered from the Hot Sun (cool seats) and Best of all the bike is dry in the morning from heavy Dew or rain, it's also small enough to pack along and I think the cover prevents theft or damage from vandalism, out of sight out of mind !

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Great cover with a slight modification

As stated by other reviews, this is a very good travel cover. I use it every night. The hooks seemed to be a problem so I covered them with heat shrink tubing to reduce the scratching potential. Just slip it over the hook and use a heat gun to shrink it. This cover really stays on in high winds and bad weather. Just shake it off and stuff in in the bag. The logo on the front really helps finding the front of the cover. It also has very good added padding protection. It does a excellent job of keeping the bike dry in heavy rains.

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