Phone/GPS/Radar Bluetooth Integration for GL1800 Made in USA

Sarasota, FL
Best thing happened on my bike

The simple thing to say is I am connected with the world even when im riding ... you can have calls ... make calls using the voice commander in your cellphone and listen to music through your cellphone too... the only thing I've heard about but it didnt happend to me is it can be damaged from water and the wag to deal with it is to double cover it with any water reisistance material as I did and i'm driving with it now for 3 years with no problems at all

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Jasper, GA
Great Integration for the iPhone 5 - Not so for the NUVI ...

Installed this in a couple of hours with little or no problems. Works well with an iPhone 5 and pairs really easily following the enclosed installation instructions. As others have stated "I can either initiate a conversation with SIRI by pressing the Bluetooth device or by pressing my IPhone (I have it mounted with Tech-connect device by Kuryakyn). Now I can listen in my headset to all the info SIRI is able to provide" I too have the Tech-Connect 4195 for my Garmin Nuvi 2589, but have had no luck pairing it the the GPS. My Nuvi says it's not compatible to the JM_CORP_CFBR01. I'm hoping to hear back from J&M, but overall pleased with the iPhone integration. 4-Stars since I'm not able to get it working with all the devices.

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Snake Creek Airpark, OK
Not worth it

Dealer installed this unit in my new 2016 Wing. The radar detector interface works fine but when initiating a phone call on iPhone 5, there is static. Troubleshooting revealed a defective unit, which was sent back to J&M. 3 weeks later they sent a new one so I drove back to my dealer (I live 1 and 1/2 hours away) to have the new one installed. It worked for two whole weeks and started doing the same thing.

Discussions by my dealer with John (owner) of J&M were disappointing. My dealer claims that John says it is a "voltage issue" with some Gold Wings. He says "It does this on some Wings and not on others". Bottom line is J&M is going to refund my $$ through the dealer and hopefully will re-imburse them for their labor. I personally think this is a weak excuse. If you know you have a problem with your product, get with whoever is building the damn thing for you and FIX IT.

One of these days someone besides J&M is going to design and sell a really good POWERED microphone, noise cancelling headset, and Bluetooth interface for the GL1800 and make a lot of money, because a lot of folks will be ripping out these marginal J&M products and buying a quality product.

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Palm Coast, FL
UpDate 4 years later

Ok had this installed at Wing Ding. So 4 years later and 3 phones later and I can say that all is well. I moved from I Phone to Android and no problem crossing over and it still works fine. I have notice that I do have to practically scream too be heard now while driving down the highway, and that was not the case when I first purchased it, while stand still I have no such problems I can speak in normal tones and be heard.. Though I can still hear very clearly while driving down the highway, and when screaming I'm heard. I placed a plastic cover over the wind sock and it has not helped. Over all I'm still very happy with it. At this coming Bike Week in Daytona I will try and talk to someone @ J&M and see if they can do anything about me having too scream to be heard. So over the 4 years I have to give them a 5 Star rating, because it does what it's suppose to do. BTW I've had no issues at all with the controls on the handle bar. I can answer or hang up raise and lower volume with no problem..I think if your looking for a bluetooth system for your motorcycle you can't go wrong with this one.

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Eustis, FL
When it works it works good

I purchased this unit a little over a year ago to use with my Garmin Zumo and iPhone. I had my Honda dealer install it when my 2010 Wing was in for service. First disappointment was that it is not compatible with an iPhone 4. The Zumo paired with the unit but the majority of the time, after about 20 minutes it is no longer connected. I have contacted Garmin and J&M, J&M has replied but there doesn't seem to be a remedy for the problem.

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Love the capabilities

Recently bought an IPhone 5s and it works great with this device. I can either initiate a conversation with SIRI by pressing the Bluetooth device or by pressing my IPhone (I have it mounted with Tech-connect device by Kuryakyn). Now I can listen in my headset to all the info SIRI is able to provide. I also use my IPhone as a GPS and am able to listen to voice directions through my headset.

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bluetooth unit

the units was working fine until I started having some issues lately. if I get a call or make a call sometimes the unit does not disconnect the call properly, the I loose CB communication and music stops also. then after a while it starts working again.

question: is it possible to pair this unit to a Bluetooth headset?

question? is it possible to pair this

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Gaithersburg, MD
Not worth wasting the paper for printing the instructions!!

Purchased this product thru my dealer in January 2013 as part of the new bike package. It never worked from day one. The dealer working with J(unk)& M(ore) was unable to get it to work properly. It was sent back twice and supposedly repaired. I think they did something to it or swapped with someone elses worthless return because it had different symptoms when we got it back. After a few months of tryng to them, they, John Lazzario I think the owner/founder is, refused to talk to me about it. Of course their policy prevented refunds and I ended up junking it. Don't spend our time and money on any J&M product!

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Pearl River, LA
Excellent device

First of all, to all the other posters I would highly recommend getting the shop manual for your wing if you do not already have it. Yes the installation instructions need improvement but if you read their instructions and then look at the shop manual, the installation is a breeze. It took me about 45 minutes to install this device. (Even without the proper tools. I am currently out of state and do not have access to my shop.) As they say in the military, you have to follow the 5 Ps...Proper Planning, Prevents Piss-poor Performance. The unit works as all of the other posters have stated. I have talked with people at all road speeds from idle to 80mph and they do not know I am on the bike unless I tell them. I have the OEM Honda headset and the audio quality of the call is great. I would highly recommend this product, extremely satisfied.

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Warren, MI
If you want bluetooth this is the way to go.

I agree with others that the instructions could be better. I have pictures on my page to show where I mounted this on my 2012 Wing. Once I figured out where this needed to go, installation was quick. Just disconnect and reconnect a few connectors and your in business. I'm not using the Radar feature so I taped that lead up and tucked it away. The unit is sealed so it is water tight. I was worried that mounting so close to my left side radiator would cook the electronics and I would have wasted my money. So glad to report that is not the case. I just took a 1500 mile trip to the smoky mountains and everything worked (and still does) fine. Setting it up takes a few minutes, but once paired to my phone it connects automatically each time I head out for the road. There does seem to be a problem with my Zumo 550 connecting reliably. The 2 devices connect, but not every time. The issue is with the Zumo 550 hardware and software and not CFBR-GL1800. I heard there is a firmware update for the Zumo 550 so maybe that will fix the problem.

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