Phone/GPS/Radar Bluetooth Integration for GL1800 Made in USA


Phone/GPS/Radar Bluetooth Integration for GL1800 Made in USA
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This custom made J&M Bluetooth integration terminal will integrate a Cell-Phone, Smart-Phone, Bluetooth enabled GPS unit and/or specific Radar-Detectors with the driver's (only) J&M or Honda brand corded helmet headset.

While using the normal audio system functions on the GL-1800/F6B of music, intercom and/or CB radio, if the cell phone receives an incoming call and the call is accepted by depressing the handlebar mounted multifunction button, (or onscreen thru a Garmin Zumo) complete connection of the driver's headset to the cell phone is automatically initiated for totally hands-free operation.

Voice-command-dialing can be activated by depressing the handlebar mounted multifunction button, which will also initiate complete connection of the driver's headset to the cell phone, for totally hands-free operation.

If the Bluetooth enabled and linked GPS unit emits any navigation commands, or the radar detector emits any beeps or braps, regardless of what else might be being heard in the headset, they will momentarily be heard in the driver’s corded helmet headset.

Once linked the first time, the Bluetooth enabled cellphone will automatically connect/disconnect from the system, when the GL-1800 ignition is turned on or off.

Additional linking/use scenarios are outlined in the installation/operation manual .pdf download listed below.

This is a totally plug-n-play Bluetooth cell-phone integration solution for all years of the Honda GL-1800 or F6B, including the new 2012 model.

Kit includes the plug-in integration module, handlebar-mounted control switch assembly and complete installation/operation manual.

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Cookeville, TN
Iphone 7 + Only and Pleased with How It Works

Installed the JM Bluetooth on my 2015 GL1800-level 1 myself. I used the service manual because I knew I would have to remove numerous items that I had never taken off before. I do not use a radar detector, nor do I use an external GPS device. The instructions were adequate for my level of Gold Wing after market installations. The bluetooth connected to my iphone 7+ with no issues. I use the imaps or google maps for navigation. I have all of the Gold Wing integrated music options and calling using Siri. I pull over when I need to fiddle with the iphone. Tapping on those little icons while moving with gooves on is not adviseable! I have new JM headset and the Honda Factory CB radio. This option was one of the reasons I made the move to the GL1800. No static, no humming, but a loud click when the Bluetooth fails to connect when my phone bluetooth is not enabled.

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Very good addition to the Wing

Since my 2015 Wing is "pre-Bluetooth", this product bridged the gap without me having to change out all my wired headsets, 4 of them. Very happy with it, my wife really likes the ability to communicate with me other than just during rushed fuel stops.

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Cleveland, OH
Best thing happened on my bike

The simple thing to say is I am connected with the world even when im riding ... you can have calls ... make calls using the voice commander in your cellphone and listen to music through your cellphone too... the only thing I've heard about but it didnt happend to me is it can be damaged from water and the wag to deal with it is to double cover it with any water reisistance material as I did and i'm driving with it now for 3 years with no problems at all

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Jasper, GA
Great Integration for the iPhone 5 - Not so for the NUVI ...

Installed this in a couple of hours with little or no problems. Works well with an iPhone 5 and pairs really easily following the enclosed installation instructions. As others have stated "I can either initiate a conversation with SIRI by pressing the Bluetooth device or by pressing my IPhone (I have it mounted with Tech-connect device by Kuryakyn). Now I can listen in my headset to all the info SIRI is able to provide" I too have the Tech-Connect 4195 for my Garmin Nuvi 2589, but have had no luck pairing it the the GPS. My Nuvi says it's not compatible to the JM_CORP_CFBR01. I'm hoping to hear back from J&M, but overall pleased with the iPhone integration. 4-Stars since I'm not able to get it working with all the devices.

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26253 W Vista North Dr, AZ
Not worth it

Dealer installed this unit in my new 2016 Wing. The radar detector interface works fine but when initiating a phone call on iPhone 5, there is static. Troubleshooting revealed a defective unit, which was sent back to J&M. 3 weeks later they sent a new one so I drove back to my dealer (I live 1 and 1/2 hours away) to have the new one installed. It worked for two whole weeks and started doing the same thing.

Discussions by my dealer with John (owner) of J&M were disappointing. My dealer claims that John says it is a "voltage issue" with some Gold Wings. He says "It does this on some Wings and not on others". Bottom line is J&M is going to refund my $$ through the dealer and hopefully will re-imburse them for their labor. I personally think this is a weak excuse. If you know you have a problem with your product, get with whoever is building the damn thing for you and FIX IT.

One of these days someone besides J&M is going to design and sell a really good POWERED microphone, noise cancelling headset, and Bluetooth interface for the GL1800 and make a lot of money, because a lot of folks will be ripping out these marginal J&M products and buying a quality product.

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