Bright Beam 7443 Red LED

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Bright Beam 7443 Red LED
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Replaces 7443 Bulbs

These new Bright Beam™ LED’s from Big Bike Parts® have been designed to maximize illumination while maintaining the same size incandescent to be replaced. So often aftermarket LED replacements do not fit into the original OEM reflector space provided, leaving the consumer to keep the inefficient incandescent bulb in place. With Big Bike Parts® new Bright Beam™ LED’s they are a true replacement, being about the same size as the original incandescent. These Bright Beam™ LED’s are very bright, maximizing the use of the existing reflectors by affording 12 LED’s providing 360 degree coverage plus 6 more LED’s on the end to insure consistent illumination in all use positions. These Bright Beam™ LED’s are available in 1156, 1157 and 7443 replacement bases in both Amber or Red.

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Issaquah, WA
Great for night but not for light

They work very well in shade or subdued light. But in direct sun very hard to see. I'm going back to incandescent till I can find something better and safer to double as a ts/brakelite.

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